Family-Friendly Attractions in Dubai That You Can’t Afford to Miss

Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets

Dubai is an excellent choice for a family-friendly holiday. It is a top-class city that serves amazing adventures, stellar hospitality, and a shopping experience in a unique way. No other city will serve like this as Dubai can. It offers the perfect blend of modernity and tradition. There is a big list of places to visit in Dubai with your friends and family. Lie from natural to man-made, and there are many marvels in Dubai that no family miss during their holiday tour. To help you to find those marvels, here we list the top places to visit in Dubai with your family and friends. Ensure you visit all the places and spend the best part of your life during your Dubai tour. 

Louvre Abu Dhabi 

Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets feature a selection of 120 masterpieces. The highlights of the louver Abu Dhabi will take you through breathtaking visual experiences as you admire the artwork and galleries. You can dive into a lot of human creativity across cultures and continents. You can watch the world’s most celebrated art piece. Louvre Museum opened its door in 2017 and have seen a great amount of traction worldwide.

 It admires the 35000 artwork that indicates the western and eastern styles, consisting of the popular work of Claude Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, and many more. The louver Abu Dhabi tickets will grant you access to all exhibits, galleries, and other spaces. It is the latest cultural landmark that shows the capital of Dubai. It will take you on a breathtaking visual journey to world celebrate art pieces. 

Yas Waterworld 

Get ready to test your mettle at Yas Waterworld. Here the legendary rides are represented by the thrill level. Some of the facts behind the thrill level are Dhabi’s exciting adventure, shaheen’s adrenaline rush, hamlool moving, and sultan’s young fun and grooving. You can enjoy the activities like shopping and dining here after taking the fun rides at Yas Waterworld. This waterpark provides mouth-watering food available in different food outlets.

 Kids and youngsters enjoy these rides. In fact, people can enjoy the water ride and share the adrenaline rush with their friends in fine splash and the world’s largest six-person tomado, where the entire cinema is packed with many special effects, from moving seats to waterfalls and water explosions. You can also get the chance to enjoy water ridden by booking the Yas Waterworld Tickets.

Wadi adventure 

Wadi adventure is an adventure water park in Dubai. It is considered the home to the wave pool. This wave pool uses wave technology that lifts and then drops the water to lead the rights and lefts that are 2m high on the wave face. This wave does not barrel up, but the lip stands on occasion, and when it does not wave still provides many cutback opportunities. Many waves end with the close-out section that offers a good opportunity for practicing the airs. The longer waves that run from one side of the pool to another are ridden for around 8 seconds. The wave installation at the wadi adventure uses five pumps to fill out the ten chambers with the water at the deep end of the pool. 

In this case, the filling will take around 90 seconds. The gate at the bottom of every chamber is opened to permit the water in chambers to escape into deep water that produces the swell that travels and tends to shadow. It varies the time of gate opening is what permits the pool operator to lead the various wave shapes. 

Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo

All adventure seekers and nature lovers get this amazing deal to find the largest aquarium in the world. The Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo hold the world record for the largest panel. The Dubai aquarium tank houses 33000 aquatic animals and consists of over 150 species. The largest collection of tiger sharks in the world lives in a tank that definitely treats the eyes. Underwater zoos provide the chance to visitors to witness the different species of animals like crabs, penguins, water rats, piranhas, and many more. 

Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, ocean life is filled with wonderful awaits. It stands in awe in front of the million-liter aquarium tank itself, the feeling that you are wandering along the sea bed in the aquarium tunnel. There are more than enough going to keep all ages that are entertained for the huge hours. Go walking and diving with sharks, cage snorkeling, get involved at one of the regular fish feeding sessions, and make friends with the resident king crocodile. 

Jebel jails adventure park 

Dubai is an exciting city with a number of places to visit and things to do. If you want to take a break from the crowd and noise, and want to do something unique and adventurous, then head towards the jebel jais adventure park. Get the ride to the longest zipline in the world. Ras AI Khaimah is situated in Dubai, along the Oman border. This incredible jebel jais flight zip line soars by the park of jebel jais mountains at a long height of 1680 meters above sea level. Anyone who has good health can take along the zipline, as long as they can weigh anywhere from 45kg and 150kg and are at least 120cms tall.

 You can take the hour’s drive to jebel jais from Dubai. Once you reach the zipline in ras AI Khaimah, you get kitted out of the zip lining kit and listen to safety defining at the zipline welcome center. After, you are taken to the top of the launching platform, which is designed to represent the giant falcon. It stands at 1680 meters above sea level. From this platform, you can enjoy the additional 1 kms of ziplining that takes you to the foot of jebel jais mountains, where you begin. As a successful zipliner, you can get the official jebel jais flight certificate and take your picture against the jebel jais wall of fame.