Five Best Trekking Destination In Mumbai


Chinchoti Trail

Chinchoti is a trek that can be done in a variety of ways. You can select one based on your skill level. Use the trail that begins at Kaman Phata if you’re looking for a route that’s not too difficult. The walk starts in a tiny settlement and proceeds to a couple of streams that you must cross.

After crossing the streams, you’ll find a trail through lush foliage that goes directly to the falls. There is a tiny pond near the end of the summer that is very safe to swim in. If you go on a weekend, keep in mind that the pond might get very busy. Vasai Trekking spot is located in Vasai, India. The level of difficulty is said to be an easy one.

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Kalsubai Trek

Mystic mountains and breathtaking panoramas surround Maharashtra. The beautiful Kalsubai trek may be found in Igatpuri, Maharashtra. This excursion to Kalsubai offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to top Maharashtra’s tallest peak, which is noted for its natural ecosystem and breathtaking views. You will have the opportunity to visit the Kalsubai temple at sunrise while on this green Kalsubai morning climb, which is surrounded by bizarre foliage and a serene ambiance. It is a moderate hike that may be done in two to three days. 

One can Embark on this exhilarating adventure to conquer Maharashtra’s highest peak, Kalsubai Peak, which stands at 5400 feet. The Kalsubai Trek offers breathtaking panoramic views of various mountain ranges, including Alang, Madangad, Kulang, Ratangad, Pabhargad, Ghanchakkar, and Harishchandragad.

During this 6.6-kilometer journey to Kalsubai Temple, you’ll see lush green landscapes and many waterfalls. The Kalsubai trek has both easy-to-ascend hills and hazardous rocky outcrops with views of the valley below.

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Lohagad Trek

Lohagad Fort, Mumbai’s most visited attraction by adventure seekers, requires no introduction. Lohagad Fort walk is one of Mumbai’s most popular trekking destinations, with visitors coming from all over the world to conquer the difficult trail that leads to the top. From the base settlement, it is a multi-access fort. You can take a cab, bus, or walk to the base village. This one-day hike near Mumbai, as well as night treks, are essential for those looking for a thrilling encounter. 

Monsoon attracts millions of trekkers from all over the world to the base town, since it is the most popular season for trekking to Lohagad Fort, as it is for many attractions in Maharashtra, particularly forts and hilltops. Even if it is cloudy and cold during the rainy season, the plateau on which the fort is located will become vivid. The vistas from the peak and down the paths are what motivate adventurers to push through the rain and monsoon and continue their journey. The green carpet on the pathways welcomes all visitors, and there is much wild flora and fauna to see while you wander. Lohagad Fort, which translates to “Iron Fort” in Marathi, is located atop one of the famous Sahyadri Mountains’ side ranges. 

There are four huge gates that are in excellent condition. Monsoons are the best time to visit. This trekking spot is 94 kilometers from Mumbai. It is said to be a Moderate trekking experience.

Garbett Plateau Trek

The Garbett Plateautrek is located southwest of Matheran, is a lovely spot that offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of Matheran’s all-time favorite hill station. The point, which encompasses around 8 square kilometers of the Sahyadris, was discovered in 1850. Get a chance to explore this incredible location and journey through the natural splendor that surrounds it. 

This excursion will allow you to trek over the Garbett Plateau’s beautiful environment and take in its splendor. Enjoy a stunning perspective of Matheran and the opportunity to watch reversing waterfalls. The program will begin at Bhivpuri station, where transportation to the plateau will be given. Garbett Plateau is well-known for its picturesque setting and breathtaking views of Matheran and the lake. You can also get a chance to see a rare confusing sight of reversing waterfalls while enjoying your soothing time in the waterfalls. This guided trip will allow you to discover the Plateau’s beautiful terrain while making the most of your time. 

The panoramic view of nature from the location will undoubtedly revive you and give you a sense of fulfillment. Enjoy a day away from the stresses of everyday life as you immerse yourself in the Plateau’s captivating sceneries.

Rajmachi Fort Trek

Rajmachi Fort is a well-known fort set in the Sahyadri Ranges that offers one of Maharashtra’s best hikes. The fort is situated at a height of roughly 2710 feet above sea level and offers visitors a spectacular view of the mountains and the Shirota dam’s backwaters. You may get to the location immediately from Pune through Lonavala. The fort’s road is not in good condition, especially for a drive. It’s similar to a dirt bike track that may be raced on. 

The Fort, particularly the caves that can seat roughly 40 people, is a wonderful location for calm camping near Mumbai. If you don’t want to camp at the fort, there are additional lodging options. One of the main lodging locations near the fort is Kalbhairavanath Temple, which is located at the base. You can eat great local food on your way to the fort or cook something simple at home. 

The trekking route will not present you with many dangers, but remember to stay hydrated. The night hikes to the fort are the most popular because the route is straightforward and devoid of detours. You will be able to quickly reach the top if you bring a torchlight. Though there are many things to do in Mumbai, hiking is one of them, and it is one of the greatest areas to trek near the city. 

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