Five Compelling Reasons That Make Camping Fun


“Cooking and eating food outdoors makes it taste infinitely better than the same meal prepared and consumed indoors.” -Fennel Hudson.

Nature is calling, and adventure awaits.

When you camp, there is a world of possibilities ahead of you. You can do so many activities that allow you to break away from the everyday grind. Camping is an excellent activity that will enable us to relax, unwind, and get in touch with nature.

However, some individuals might find this activity rather unorthodox considering that you will be doing away with most modern conveniences. After all, camping is about returning to the basics, unplugging, disconnecting yourself from the world, and immersing yourself in nature. Understandably, camping is an activity that takes you out of your comfort zone. Inevitably, this activity compels you to sleep in a camping tent rather than your own comfortable bed and takes you to a place where lighting is scarce, and internet connection is non-existent. For some individuals, the activity could not be any less appealing. Yet, there are still people who regularly camp and even enjoy it. In this article, we will discuss the various reasons that make camping fun (which includes having fun without any internet connection!).

There is a myriad of compelling reasons that make camping enjoyable. Still, the best way to discover what makes it fun is to go out and go camping yourself. However, if that does not convince you to go look for campsites near Manila, campsites in Tanay, or a beach camping spot in the Philippines, maybe the reasons below will: 

a.) Escape the day-to-day grind

While your idea of fun may not be to take a look at a campsite directory Philippines for your next adventure spot, taking a break from your daily grind might just be what you need. It goes without saying that escaping your usual routine of eating, sleeping, and working is fun. It allows you to break free from your everyday schedule and detach from the responsibilities of your home or work life, which enables you to fully relax. That said, camping is an excellent remedy for those who are experiencing burnout from work stress.

b.) Exciting thrill of adventure

One of the best things about camping is the things you do to prepare for it. To get ready for your trip, you will likely check camping shops for camping tents and awnings. Just looking through this stuff will  have an effect on you–so much so that it can make you anticipate the thrill of adventure. Indeed, camping is all about intrepid and adventurous fun. At times, you will not know what to expect; you may get lost, endure the scorching heat, or camp in less-than-desirable weather conditions, but it is all part of the adventure. Above all, camping is fun because it revives the child-like wonderment in you. What makes this even better is that you can share this experience with your children.

c.) Be self-reliant

Camping makes one self-reliant, and with that comes a tremendous sense and feeling of empowerment. Being self-reliant or sufficient means that you are accountable to yourself and your children (if you bring them with you). You are responsible for finding a spot, pitching your tent, and making your bed. You do all these at your own pace, giving you a sense of responsibility and good resolve. These are things that can help you in other areas of your life, which can be beneficial.

d.) You do not follow a strict schedule

You can do whatever you wish to do when you camp. There is no schedule that you need to follow. Apart from that, you get to eat what you wish and even go to bed whenever you want. All of these apply to adults as well as kids. At camp, time is less critical, and you will soon fall into your own rhythm.

e.) Go anywhere

While looking for the perfect camping spot is ideal, it does not always have to be far from home. What makes camping fun is that it is portable. If you wish, you can even camp in your garden and ease into the outdoor activity by slowly weaning yourself off modern conveniences–one gadget ior thing at a time. Then, when you are ready, take yourself further by packing for camp and setting off to wherever the mood takes you. It does not matter whether you wish to camp by the beach, in the woodlands, in forests, near the town, or even in the wilds, there is always a campsite for you and the kind of camper that you are.