Free things to do in Dubai


Dubai appears with all its fascination and charm, might look like an awe-inspiring destination to visit for tourists travelling at a budget-friendly cost. But despite its reputation as a lavish city, it’s unquestionably possible to travel around Dubai even with a limited budget, for providing you know the inexpensive or free things to do in Dubai.

Dubai might be one of the most high-priced cities in the world, but you’d be astonished to know that there are numerous free things to do in Dubai on your journey. Depending on the type of traveller that you are, you’ll find something remarkable to do even without spending a single penny. For example, if you would like to travel around museums, there are free museums in Dubai that you can explore; they include Beit Al-Rekkab Camel Museum and the Dubai Coin Museum. There are many other free attractions in Dubai that are worth to visit, such as the Dubai Fountain, Gold and Spice Souk, Jaddaf Dhow Ship Building Yard, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.

Places to Visit in Dubai for Free

1. An Outing Through the Ripe Food and Craft Market

However, it’s a great idea to purchase some fresh produce, delicious snacks and even a few handiworks at the Ripe Food and Craft Market at Zabeel Park, you can also spend the entire day immersing in the atmosphere and flattering the wares shown here. There are also music concerts by local musicians that you can listen to for free.

Place: Al Quoz

2. A Savour of Culture and Crafts 

To test Dubai’s inheritance and culture, lead to Al Shindagha. It is completely free to go into; this place has shown traditional crafts created by local artisans. From ceramic to intertwines, this handicraft exhibit centre is a pleasure for lovers of crafts.

Place: Al Shindagha Area, near the mouth of Dubai Creek

3. Celebrating Camels

Camels are a vital part of the Bedouin heritage, and the perfect destination to learn more about the Ship of the Desert is the Camel Museum. When you travel around, you will get to know about the history of camels in UAE, the connection between Arabs and camels, the sport of camel competitions and even, thorough camel composition. There’s even a hall that showcases appearances on camels is included into Places to Visit in Dubai for Free.

Place: Al Shindagha Heritage Village

4. Yoga Classes by FOY

If you’re a yoga or fitness aficionado and would like to move in free, just travel to the hour-long gatherings hosted by Friends Of Yoga at five destinations in Dubai.

Place: BurDubai Creek, Deira Creek, JLT Park, Zabeel Park, and Internet City

5. A Course at the Eton Institute

If you’re knowledge nerd or a language devotee, register for free preliminary courses at the Eton Institute along with for fascinating cultural evenings. The finest way to learn about what’s going on every month is to download their free app and look into the free events.

Place: Knowledge Village

6. Free Movie Show at Pyramids Rooftop Gardens

Who can lose a chance to watch a movie on Sunday dusk under the stars? It is free of cost; these movies are shown under the open night sky, with vibrant bean bags for folks to sit on.

Place: Pyramids Rooftop Complex in Wafi complex

7. Witnessing Dubai’s Exotic Marine Life

However, the entry fee to the aquarium is 70 Dirhams, you can see the striking marine life at the gigantic Dubai Aquarium for free, right outside the entrance hall at the Dubai Mall via the biggest acrylic sheet in the world.

Place: Outside Dubai Aquarium

8. Dancing with the Dancing Fountains

The dancing Dubai fountains are popular all over the world, and the remarkable thing is that you don’t have to spend money to take pleasure in this stunning sight. Go into the Dubai Mall to spot these fountains dance to music.

Place: Outside Dubai Mall

9. A Walk Through the Gold and Spice Souks at Deira Souk

The old-style, traditional market in the Deira region of Dubai is incredible for window shoppers. At the same time as you can invest some money on gold jewellery or extraordinary spices, you can also just explore this busy market, flattering the attention-grabbing merchandise that ranges from a great range of gold jewellery to frankincense and pashmina shawls.

Place: Deira district

10. Watching the Breathtaking Wrestling matches

If you enjoy travelling around the pastoral sport of kushti or pehelwani that leads to the sandlot located behind the market in Deira to look at men from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh fight each other for magnificence.

Place: Deira

Thus, visit these places in Dubai for free always.