How To Travel And Explore Dubai Desert


Among the renowned desert landscapes, the majestic conservation reserve of Dubai is a stunning beauty all over the world. Exploring this beautiful barren is a temptation for many travel enthusiasts across the globe. A few miles away from the glimmering city life, a golden mysterious barren attracts these explorers. 

The scenic landscape of the Dubai desert is easily approachable whether you want to wander solely or along with family and friends. Desert safari Dubai is a perfect place if you want to experience an adrenaline rush, and exquisite sights. Also, there is a good exposure to the animated Emirati tradition. Let’s not cover the happenings of a desert safari in just an outline.

Follow this guide to unlock your chances of exploring the Dubai desert to the fullest of its bounties.   

Discover the Unseen in the Realm of Dubai Desert

  • How to Reach the Dunes

Reaching the Arabian desert takes place through three methods. Either you drive by yourself, grab a bus service, or through a private pickup. Usually, a pickup is carried by an off-road vehicle such as a land cruiser. However, if you are traveling solo, bus service is suitable as you’ll get the company of other tourists as well in the desert safari Dubai. Whereas, in a self-driven package, free parking lots are allotted to the visitors in the dune arena. 

  • Explore the Desert Through Camel Safari

Whenever people ask about how to explore the Arabian desert, the immediate thing striking in mind is a camel safari. Camels are the traditional means of carrying travelers across the high-end dune, even beyond. These heritage symbols are the recognition of Arabia. Through a camel safari, visitors not only discover the mysterious desert but also take a look into a historical window. A camel ride is the best way to explore the diverse desert vicinity. 

  • Dune Bashing -A Thrilling Way to Explore the Dunes

What if one doesn’t want to discover the Arabian dunes like a nomad on a camel? Well, Dubai has room for every kind of tourist. The terrain is called a thrill-seeker’s paradise. This is because it is brimming with crazy sand activities. These activities are not only the means of engaging visitors in sand sports but also allow them to travel across the terrain. 

Choose to bash the sandy slopes in your favorite SUV and experience a roller coaster ride. If you are lucky enough to grab an evening desert safari, you’ll have a stop while dune bashing for sunset photography. 

Adrenaline junkies also opt for quad biking and fat bike cycling in the dune arena. This sand sport also takes place on 4 wheelers. But it is not a group ride.

  • Cover High Dunes on a Sand Board

Adventurists love to discover the dunes while maneuvering over a sandboard. If you know the balancing technique on a sandboard, a desert safari is going to be a hell of fun for you. First, there is no time limit for sandboarding. Second, if you are a pro, you have a chance to explore the far limits of the desert by gliding on its grainy texture.  

  • Travel During Different Times of the Day

Depending upon your availability and budget. However you can book a delta flight phone number. You’ll be offered different safaris during different times of the day. A morning desert safari comes up with a chance of witnessing the magical sunrise and hot air ballooning. Whereas at night, stargazing & live entertainment are the perks. On the contrary, you can experience the infinite joy of the sunset in an evening expedition to the Arabian terrain. 

Moreover, there are exclusive packages for thrill-seekers and other aspiring travelers who arrive here for a specific activity. 

  • Explore the Culture of Arabia

It is obvious that travelers visit a destination to have cultural insights into that specific place. Meeting the tradition and norms of a place is an essential aspect of a traveler’s story. The Arabian customary is beautifully depicted at its heritage land through: 

  • Henna Painting

Tourists, especially ladies, enjoy the application of henna on their hands and feet. Arabian henna is famous all over the world. Getting your hands painted with henna is a great way to celebrate your presence in this marvelous landmark.

  • Falconry and Arabian Attiring

Where women enjoy getting henna tattoos, guys get amuse by attiring themselves in the famous white robes. They love to dress in the Arabian Kandoura dresses and have photographs in the aesthetic wilderness. Falconry is the traditional hunting method of old Arabs. This heritage sport is also presented at the dune arena in which the national bird presents luring and swooping actions in the sand. 

  • A Night Filled with Entertainment

If you opt for an evening or overnight desert safari, you’ll have a chance to witness the Arabian art in complete vibrancy. There are spectacular dance performances depicted on the live stage at the terrain. Get delighted with the Tanoura dance, Belly dance, stick dance, fire dance, and other traditional performances. Smoldering shisha while cheering up the stunning performers is a fascinating part of a lively evening at the dunes.

These are the incredible ways of visiting the Dubai desert from an explorer’s perspective. 


Traveling to the Arabian desert and getting involved in its high spirits is the direct way of exploring it as a whole. It also allows you to get yourself covered in the sparkles of this golden barrenness. Few considerations are important to take when heading out for a desert safari in Dubai. The temperature of the terrain is arid during the day by as dusk progresses, it falls off to shivering levels. So get yourselves secured by keeping sunscreens, sunglasses, and hats for the day; and woolen rags for the dusk. 

People having back issues, pregnant ladies, and hypertensive patients are not allowed for dune bashing. Flip-flops are the best footwear to carry in the submerging sand. And last but the most important thing to carry is a good quality camera. After all, it’s your golden chance to be in such a spectacular place like the dunes of Dubai. 

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