Reasons To Do Kedarkantha Trek | BanBanjara


A trek always admired by amateurs as well as seasoned trekkers for a well-fitted winter destination trek in the state of Uttarakhand and once-a-lifetime opportunity to spend passing days amidst the remotest of villages in stone-cold winter. Placed at the Govind Pashu Vihar National Park, the Kedarkantha trek BanBanjara grants you the engulfing beauty of views of beautiful lakes, mountains, rivers, and the great Himalayan mountains. At a high elevation of 12,500 feet, the temperature ranges from 8°C to 15°C during day hours and -5°C to 3°C at night. The ascent gets introduced from a small village called Sankri and goes to the peak of Kedarkantha. The glacial winter season is its best recommended time to plan a trek starting from November till April.

Kedarkantha is a very popular trek among the adventure and thrill-seekers for its challenging, beautiful and unique summit, offering a moderately easy trek difficulty.

Well, there are many reasons to do the Kedarkantha trek, to each their own. But to make it short and crisp, the main reasons would include the exceptional summit climb, drive to the base camp, aesthetic sunsets and sunrise, pleasant clearings and campsites, scenic views, and charming forests with Deodar, Pine, and Oak trees. The drive to the base camp for 8km, also makes it undoubtedly one of the most celebrated drives one can ever experience on any trek.3

Mentioned below are some best reasons to grab your next opportunity to do Kedarkantha trek~


  • The Summit Climb

One of the many reasons that top the list is what makes it a very popular trek to do in the Indian Himalayas — the summit climb. Kedarkantha awards a very fulfilling summit climb and right from the base camp it towers large. Not so easy climb starts in the early morning and all along the ascent with every little distance a new world opens up to welcome you.

The entire slope of kedarkantha trek is steadily steep and gets tricky as you approach the top. Also, keep your eyes on the mighty mountains of the upper Himalayas which accompany you to the summit point. Finally reaching the summit makes you pat your shoulders as this feeling is quite unique, very rewardable, and satisfactory. Not many other treks offer the same adventure which makes this trek stand out in this region and famous among the trekkers of all levels.

  • Unique Clearings And Campsites

Not limited to a satisfying summit, the Kedarkantha trek is also admired for its beautiful clearings. It’s quite rare to find such striking clearings on a trek that offers some rest spots and beautiful campsites. This trek has many such clearings in all the different routes and just at the right locations. This offers you the time to appreciate and sink into the pleasant surroundings and the strength to look forward to this trek and the views coming along the trail.

  • Handsome Forests

Another reason to do the Kedarkantha trek is its handsome forests of Deodar, Pine and Oak trees which are unique with the beauty of their own. All three routes to the summit have beautiful diverse forests making the climb more desirable.

  • Perfect For Photography Enthusiasts

This unworldly place is a heaven for photography lovers to get busy with their cameras and lenses along the trek. Kedarkantha embraces the beauty of nature in its purest and unseen form, giving photographers a perfect shot to capture and lock forever. The majestic Himalayas surrounding you and everything in sight is definitely worth a click.

  • A Trek To Explore And Learn

Kedarkantha trek grants you to explore the local culture and sincerity of locals welcoming the travellers with open arms at Sankri is an experience to unlock. Observe, communicate and learn more about the local traditions, tales, rituals, food, and festivals in the village, intriguing isn’t it? It will be your best getaway from the mundane and monotonous.

Need Any Special Requirements?

No special preparation is required for the Kedarkantha trek. To complete your climb here comfortably just grab your pair of trekking shoes and some t-shirts with shorts/pants. However, make a note that the winters and monsoons turn it from an easy to moderate trek which is mainly because of rain in the beginning and then snowfall towards the end of the season. During the winters, this trek is all about a blanket of snow all around. Therefore, a set of warmers,  sturdy trekking shoes, thick jackets, a pair of gloves, rain covers, balaclava or any cap to keep ears warm, gators, micro spikes for the last day, should be carried along.