Things to Enjoy in Dubai


Engaging one-on-one with the wonderful animals is the highlight of the trip. It is an excellent opportunity for family trips. Kids can engage with dolphins while resting in shallow waters. A specialized team of employees supervises and is ready to enhance your trip in every possible manner. Guests can also enjoy the thrill of scuba diving close to the dolphins, which the instructor supervises. Secure and enjoyable!

Desert Safari

Desert Safari is among the few activities that tourists consider a must-do activity in Dubai. In deserts in Dubai, tourists always have a thrilling and unforgettable experience inĀ  Dubai. Tourists love to do different thrilling experiences such as camel safari, quad biking, sandboarding, trying Arabic Cuisines, and much more. If you want to double the thrill of your trip, try out a camel safari in the morning. It is an amazing experience of all which you will not regret.

Aquaventure Water Park

Dolphin Gulf is also next to Aquaventure Waterpark, which is another place to travel. Guests to Dolphin Bay can also explore Aquaventure Waterpark with their Dolphin Bay passes. Experience the top water activities in the world while having an adrenaline-pumping experience. Aquaventure also has a pirate beachfront where people can unwind and have a beautiful time.

Atlantis Dubai is home to over 65,000 fish organisms. A huge staff of wildlife care providers and an onboard medical staff looks for it. They demonstrate their dedication to upholding and exceeding the smart objective of wildlife rehabilitation, preservation, and teaching.

Dolphin Bay Attractions

A crew of highly competent instructors oversees the dolphin engagements, with clients lasting about 30 minutes in the water with the animals. You’ll have several one-on-one interactions with extremely intelligent animals during this period. Dolphin Bay will turn you away with joy, whether you’d like to descend deep down to see the dolphins in motion, be pushed through the waters on their tails, or even get a brief peck on the cheeks.

Get Up Close with the Dolphins

In the dazzling shallow depths, have one-on-one contact with the dolphin. As the dolphins go around expressing their wonderful attitude with you, enjoy heart-warming touching, hugging, and swimming with them. This exercise is appropriate for both youngsters and adults who are unable to swim. It is accessible to people of all ages. However, kids under the age of 12 must be attended by a qualified adult. 

Adventure with Dolphins

You not only get up close and personal with the dolphins, but they will also accompany you on a “belly tour,” which is what it looks like on-screen. Hang on to the dolphins while it glides and experiences the same agility and weightlessness as they do. You also get the chance to embrace them and exchange love with them.

Dolphins Encounters

Because this is not in shallow water, those who cannot swim should opt for the “Dolphin Encounter.” The Dolphin Adventure is designed for swimmers and children over eight, and a trainer supervises each encounter.

Swimming with the Royals

It is for those who want to take risks and are comfortable in the water. You will not only have thirty minutes of interaction with the dolphins, but you would also have the opportunity to swim with them. While lying on a paddleboard, you will be dragged around the pond by dolphins. Dolphins find it extremely difficult to propel you upwards at high speeds. Stay for the rest of the journey, embracing and loving the dolphins.

Scuba diving 

Dolphin Diving is usually best due to the high level of excitement. Get your pulse racing by swimming with dolphins in water depths. Swim beside them below and experience their emotions. This wonderful opportunity includes touching, hugging, and loving the dolphins hence making your tour amazing. Only trained surfers are permitted to participate in such activities, and the team will give the diving apparatus for security purposes.

 Get the Best Shots

Let the moment last a lifetime by capturing it in the ideal shot. You get to embrace and kiss the dolphins while remaining entirely clean to obtain the perfect look. Take it home as something more than recollections. Learn all you can about these fascinating species.

Dhow Cruise Creek Dinner

Dinner on dhow cruise Dubai Creek is a 2 hours activity that include cruising , Welcome drinks, separate toilet facility for males and females, Lower deck(fully air conditioned), open air Upper deck, Entertainment shows include Tanoura Dance Show, Puppet show, Magic Show, Horse Dance Show, BBQ Buffet dinner, unlimited soft drinks.

Thrills in Desert Safari Dubai

There are a variety of thrilling activities in Deserts which you can try and love. Tourists always cherish these activities like night safari, morning safari, evening safari, overnight safari, desert camping, etc. Not only are these activities thrilling but also unforgettable. Cherish these moments and capture these everlasting memories on your phones. If you want to truly make your vacation amazing, consider a trip to Dubai.


Our pleasant vessel of bottlenose dolphins is a must-see on any tour to Dubai. The 4.5-hectare Dolphin Bay is a precious metal and engagement environment developed to educate tourists about one of the water’s most interesting and unforgettable residents. Tourists and guests to Atlantis have the unique opportunities to contact and engage with a few of the world’s most captivating creatures in an unforgettable interaction experience that benefits both the tourists and the dolphins.