Top 3 holiday destinations in Europe


Europe is a beautiful country with amazing wines, famous chocolates, amazing fabulous shopping and lots more to explore. So don’t get over excited but hold your breath as we will together explore the best 3 fun filled holiday destinations of Europe. So what are you waiting for? Let us start the countdown and explore them one after the other?


A great capital of Italy, Rome is undoubtedly one of the most visited tourist destinations with a lot of beautiful and exciting attractions and tourist spots to explore. Established by twins Romulus and Remus, the city of Rome is famous for its ancient monuments and rich architecture making it the perfect European destination for everyone. Everyone loves the buzzling, lively atmosphere in the center of Rome’s cultural life. Luckily, there’s even more to offer than the rich cultural life of the city of Rome city. Are you planning to be in Rome for more than just a few days? You can rent your Rome accommodation in the center, take a short break to the coast – just like other locals do during the summer months! After your short bus journey from the center, go take a sunbath on a beautiful beach in the area.


Croatia with its charming old fishing village, brilliant coastline, and several medieval Roman ruins, is fast rising as the perfect holiday destination for both the extravagant and budget travelers. Dubrovnik is one interesting place to explore. Dubrovnik is a major port of call for the majority of cruise ships and is well connected by flights from Europe. Different people from all walks of life turn up here for a lifetime holiday experience. There is always something for you and everyone – secluded beaches and national parks for people seeking solitude and bliss, coastal ports for the jet setters to anchor their mega yachts, Roman ruins for people interested in unraveling the hidden secrets behind their walls, and the laid back atmosphere for people ready to let go and get away from it all.

The walled city boasts stunning baroque structures, marble streets, and amazing views of the Adriatic Coast. The museums, churches, and ancient structures promise to take you back to another era. You are free to stroll through the cobbled streets of the town center packed with restaurants and cafes where you can stop over to see the world go by while sipping your favorite drink. These awesome shops sell local crafts and great souvenirs.

In recent years Croatia has become a great retirement place for many people. If you are one of those and are looking to settle down in this beautiful country, check out what’s on offer.


Italy is really a beautiful country featuring one of the most fantastic scenery in Europe. One of the amazing features of Italy is its historical background that promises not just a relaxing but very informative holiday.

One of the cities to explore is Naples. Naples is a very beautiful Italian city located right next to the sea and this makes it the perfect European destination for holiday makers. In addition, Naples is rife with art, culture, and history making it a very sophisticated destination for everyone to enjoy. There are varieties of breathtaking Naples hotels offering quality standards from budget accommodation to luxury accommodation, all for your pleasure.

Europe is ofcourse packed with great places to go to for vacation purposes, keep on coming to our site for more exciting places we will guide you to.