Where to Find the Best Dessert in Hong Kong?

Dessert in Hong Kong

There is no such thing as the best dessert in Hong Kong; it’s too busy and too vibrant for that. But where you can find decent desserts? Here are some of my recommendations:

– Upper 10th Street  

– Mongkok Markets & Food Centre (G/F)  

– Sin Yan Dessert Restaurant (G/F) 

– New Shanghai Restaurant (5th Floor: Crystal Pavilion)

The most popular dessert in Hong Kong is mango pudding. You can find it everywhere but I would recommend going to these places to enjoy the best mango pudding in town: Gourmet Paradise, Gourmet Paradise Wine Bar, and Jade Jade Chicken Rice Shop.

As for the desserts best known in Hong Kong, desserts such as mango pudding and egg tarts are the most popular ones.

How to enjoy Hong Kong’s dessert? One of those places that I mentioned above is egg tarts. Egg tarts are a Chinese pastry that consists of meringue, usually made of egg white and sugar, and flavored with fruit (usually mango) and sometimes also chocolate and kiwi. It is very crispy and sweet, almost like a meringue layer cake. It is sort of a relatively new item to Hong Kong, but it became popular because of its sale at the Mongkok shopping centre. So if you want to experience the real egg tarts in Hong Kong, you must go to Mongkok markets and check out their egg tart stalls!

– Jade Jade Chicken Rice Shop (G/F)

– The Jade Jade Chicken Rice Shop (G/F) 

There are a few places that sell desserts in Hong Kong. These three are the most popular ones. I would recommend going to all of them! What I’ll do differently is that I will make suggestions on where to buy the ingredients for them.

– The Jade Jade Chicken Rice Shop (G/F), Mongkok Markets & Food Centre 

– Super Taste Supermarket (G/F), Mongkok Markets & Food Centre 

– Lai Kee Fresh Fish & Seafood Store (19th Floor: Cosco) 

– New Shanghai Restaurant (5th Floor: Crystal Pavilion) 

Hong Kong’s famous Confucius Temple is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. It is a temple dedicated to Confucius, a Chinese philosopher. You can find a lot of restaurants and stalls that sell Tai Chi classes, Chinese medicine and herbal medicines, high-quality tea, and other souvenirs. And to complete the experience, you can also enjoy delicious desserts at the temple. Here are some of the places that I recommend:

– Yang Kee Pastry Shop (6th Floor: Confucius Temple) 

– Tong Kee Charcoal Baked Bun (G/F) 

If you go to Hong Kong, then it may be kind of hard to choose where to go because Hong Kong is so vibrant and so different. But if you look at all of these places and what they have in common, it is that they are all very local and all serve their specialties. You can choose a place that suits you best, and have a great time.

In this article, I have suggested some places that offer Tong Nam-style seafood restaurants in Hong Kong. Tong Nam is a Chinese dish that has many varieties. The one I want to focus on is Toenam Seafood Restaurant, which is located in Causeway Bay and opened its doors in 1972. This restaurant has been serving traditional Hong Kong cuisine since 1981 and it has been well known for the freshness of its seafood. It is a famous local tourist spot for its delicious food and relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant serves fresh seafood, meat, poultry, and vegetables. I would recommend visiting this place for sure!

– Tong Nam Seafood Restaurant 

– The Tong Nam Seafood Restaurant 

My introduction to Hong Kong is all about the food. That is what I would most recommend anyone who is visiting to try. Foodies, or people that are interested in food, will enjoy their time here. There’s a kind of family-style restaurant called Din Tai Fung that serves delicious xiao long bao (soup dumplings). Planning a Hong Kong tour Packages has become infinitely easier with OiO Travel Pvt. Ltd., in Delhi. Book our best and exclusive Hong Kong tour Packages which are a dream of all tourists.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Way to go Hong Kong! If you’re curious about our favorite Food Please check out this article. Stay tuned for more great posts written by me! You can also keep up with me on Instagram @rajeevranjandm if you want to hear about the latest posts.