Cheap Prices, These are the Jakarta Street Food You Must Try!


Central Jakarta is a metropolitan city that has many high-rise buildings. However, Jakarta is full of affordable yet healthy street food. Not only that, there are so many fans of this food.

Even though it is far from having a luxurious impression, fans of street food may come from various people, no matter how much money is in their pocket. There are so many fans of street food because of the dishes cooked in the street simple-style but still taste delicious. Not only that, the price is also affordable!

Various Jakarta Street Foods You Must Try

There are so many choices of street food in Central Jakarta. Some of them you may have heard or tasted before. The following are the best street food in Jakarta:

  1. Barito Chicken Porridge

Since a long time ago, chicken porridge has become one of the common foods in Indonesia. One of the chicken porridges you must try is the Barito Chicken Porridge. Barito Chicken Porridge is one of the street foods in Jakarta that is viral and is always crowded.

You will immediately smell the chicken porridge when you enter this place. Various sides from cakwe (fried dough), chicken meat, nuts, and crackers to make them taste even more delicious.

  • Warmindo Abang Adek

For you spicy lovers, another option is Warmindo Abang Adek. They are selling noodles that have levels of spiciness.

Warmindo Abang Adek is famous for its very spicy noodles. There are various levels of spiciness at Warmindo Abang Adek, ranging from 10 chilies to 100 chilies. The food price at Warmindo Abang Adek starts from 10,000 IDR per portion.

  • Gulai Tikungan

Located on Jalan Mahakam, Gulai Tikungan is a place that is never empty. Every night, Gulai Tikungan is full of guests who want to enjoy this curry dish.

Gulai Tikungan has a savory and spicy curry taste. Gulai Tikungan has food prices starting from 15,000 IDR per portion. This street food is open from 5 pm to 5 am.

  • Mie Ayam Gondangdia (Gondangdia Chicken Noodles)

Priced from 27,000 IDR per portion, Mie Ayam Gondangdia has become a legend in the capital city. Mie Ayam Gondangdia was first opened in 1968. Until now, Mie Ayam Gondangdia has loyal customers.

In fact, its famous taste has been known for generations. Mie Ayam Gondangdia has a genuinely authentic taste from China. You can order a bowl of chicken noodles complete with meatballs and dumplings.

Which one will you visit first when you visit Jakarta? Make sure to try it even if it’s only once, so you won’t regret it!