Fun activities for the whole family on yacht charter Dubai


Dubai offers immense fun and thrill options for every age group. No matter what you want, everything is available in the beautiful city. Family time is very precious as it’s the only way to stay connected with each other in this modern busy world. The weekends should be spent in a different style. Going shopping or eating out is the typical way now. Let’s discuss an amazing way to have fun with your family. 

Charter a yacht 

Yachts are a hot favorite venue for any kind of event because it’s the unique way for get-togethers and celebrations. Yacht charter Dubai is the best way to spend a day or weekend around your family. There is never a shortage of fun activities onboard. So, book a yacht to collect some unforgettable memories for a lifetime. There is an option to customize your whole journey not only the food menu but also the décor and planning of activities. 

Just keep in mind to discuss all the stuff and required things before the journey or at the time of booking to avoid any inconvenience. Following are some fun activities that you can plan for the whole family on yacht charter Dubai. 

Activities for adults onboard 

There are a lot of activities for adults onboard. Have a look at some of the following: 

  1. Enjoy Jet skiing 

Jet skiing is just similar to a scooter but you have to move on water. Wear a safety jacket and get your nerves excited by the jet skiing activity. There will be a guide with you so you can get comfortable while having fun. 

  • Go for kayak 

Enjoy the journey of kayak, a small and narrow boat while your yacht is standing at one location. This will be great fun for you. The person has to move the boat on his own and this is extremely amazing. 

  • Experience the Diving 

Experienced persons are offered to have the fun of diving but at a safe place. The dive from the yacht will be the best memory for you and you can ask the family to capture all those moments. 

  • Have fun Swimming 

Take out your swimsuits and get ready to swim in the sea if you are an expert. Make unforgettable memories. You can ask for the help of an expert on a yacht as well. If you don’t have swimming experience then he can help you to get the experience. 

  • Excite yourself with a speed boat ride 

Speed boat is a thrilling ride that you can enjoy while onboard the journey. 

Activities for kids onboard 

Let’s discuss some kids’ activities onboard so that they can enjoy their time fully. Following is the description: 

  1. Teach the little ones about yacht 

Kids are eager to know some techniques of the yacht. So, get the help of the captain and teach the little ones about the yacht. 

  • Cook up some easy snacks 

Encourage your child to make some easy snacks for the whole family so you can have them in food. 

  • Play with dough 

Bring dough for the kids onboard and ask all of them to make something out of dough to check their creativity. 

  • Sing a song 

You can ask your child to have fun by singing their favorite song onboard. 

  • Plan a party 

yacht party Dubaiis one of the most amazing ideas for the kids so they can have fun. Celebrate some special day to make them happy. 

Activities in which the whole family can take part 

Following are some of the activities that the whole family can do as a team: 

  1. Fishing 

Have fun fishing with your family and teach them some techniques as well. After that, you can have a live BBQ with them. 

  • Plan for a movie 

Watch a movie with your family onboard and enjoy the weather also. 

  • Get ready to explore the area

Throughout the journey, you can enjoy the beautiful view of amazing architecture and the beauty of nature as well with your family. 

  • Play scavenger hunt

Ask your kids to find some stuff from the yacht so that they can get some physical activity as well. 

  • Enjoy the firework 

At night you can enjoy the amazing fireworks around the Bluewater and capture those moments.