Places To Visit In Chengdu, China


Chengdu is one of sought-after destination in China country. And, here you can experience the Chinese culture and stuffed with plenty of covert gems which really offer all travellers and holidaymakers a perfect gateway to travel around. The attractive city has mainly four different seasons and, undoubtedly, captivates tourists from beginning to end of the place with its great temptation and magnetism in this destination.

Best Places To Visit In Chengdu, China

Baoguang Temple

This temple is China is situated at Xinbdu’s shades; this magnificent place of worship is widely known as “Divine Light Temple” also. The wonderful sacred significance, features with an appealing and artistic portray. Here, you can see more than 400 huge pillars were built together for structuring the single tower that is a striking wonder in itself. It boasts with three chief devotion halls escorted by around sixteen patios in which trippers might give a great advantage of an astounding vista of splendid and enrapturing architecture. A perfect wonder to gaze makes the top destination to visit in Chengdu, China.

Chengdu Tea Houses

These are famous and amazing places when it comes to visit in Chengdu. During the primeval eras, travellers would grasp a peek of these diverse abodes which all were developed over tree units. And, the temple is located right on trees; the houses are highly well-built like an elegant real home. Even, do not forget to visit a tree house and lie around in some stress-free moments.

Mt Qingcheng

This place is truly a fascinating and among the renowned places to explore in Chengdu that destination entertains tourists with its quaint magnificence. In addition, it’s one of the hand-picked and acclaimed destinations that worth-visit in the city. The place is enclosed by a lot of other peaks along with the leading peaks; the area comes out to be strikingly beautiful. If you are travelling to the city and have some added time in hand and also spend lots of hours close to the place to make a ceaseless memory.

Chengdu Panda Base

Have you spotted panda anywhere in the world? However, the Chengdu Panda base offers you a great opportunity to view the Pandas in their own kingdom. A cheerfully-visit place for every holiday-maker makes the well-known destination to visit in Chengdu.

Leshan Giant Buddha 

This is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Chengdu finest travelling spotis Leshan Giant Buddha which is a massive sandstone figurine of Maitreya. The Leshan Giant Buddha is tallest around 71 meters in altitude and is accredited as the leading statue of Buddha in the world which entices travellers and pilgrims from all over the world. The place is ideal for a day trip and dining at a traditional Chinese restaurant will make your day unforgettable.

The Chengdu Wuhou Shrine

The Chengdu Wuhou holy place is one of the Chengdu ancient shrines built in the tribute of Zhuge Liang who is known as the renowned statesman and strategist also ruled as the Chancellor of Shu Han kingdom. The shrine boasts with Zhuge Liang and the other miniature statutes on either side of son and grandson. You can also spot various temples devoted to Liu Bei and other imperative statues of ministers, senior officials and generals in Shu Han and also some of the writings and poems of the history of China exhibit there.

Dujiangyan Irrigation System

Dujiangyan Irrigation System is a destination which you can travel around to spot on Chengdu tourism which was built in 250 BC. It is exciting to make out that the Dujiangyan Irrigation system was developed to put off disastrous tempest. The system has abundance of earth dams along with segments which diversify to streams, canals heading to irrigating grasslands. You can go to the Cave of the Heavenly Master, Mount Qingchengsahn and other popular figurines in Shengong and Xianyuan.

The Wenshu Monastery

If you are planning to visit Chengdu attractions then do not miss out visiting a Wenshu Monastery which incorporates five different shrines which were built from stone and wood. In 1691, the Monastery emerged being and the major attractions and comprises the Hall of Shuofa Tang having 10 iron figurines of Buddhist guardian gods as well as also you can see 100 bronze statues of Buddhist saints and Buddhas built from wood and jade. There are cultural leftovers such as work of art and script designed from artists and writers from China.

These are all top places to visit in Chengdu, China.