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Leh Road Trip Itinerary To Your Delhi

Leh Road Trip Itinerary To Your Delhi

Any journey to Leh could be a lifetime journey. The vast ultramarine sky is seen by many Indian tourists for the waterless fantastic thing well-nigh their mountains. does one unify to make or simply dream of such an excursion? regardless of the case, the route from Delhi to Leh by road is sorted out and returned by two spectacularly trappy roads, Manali and Srinagar.

Why is it popular to momentum to Delhi from Leh Ladakh?

Many traveler’s planes can’t momentum or riding dreams of such a journey. what’s so tempting well-nigh this road trip? Naturally, this is often not just the destination; it’s that the trip towards Leh provides the proper scenery for a road trip, a venturesome path, and heady stopovers. So, let’s begin.

Best Time to go to Leh from Delhi

Due to severe weather and/or road closures, Leh is inaccessible most of the year. you’ve got the time to fly between April and October and between May and September if you favor requiring the tough road.

How to Get There

From Delhi to Leh by road, you’ve got four options. the primary and easiest is by air, and three options are available, with increased difficulty.

Flight: 1.5 hours of uncontrived flights to Kushok Airport Bakula Rimpochee.

Bus: The bus stops at Keylong during the night and reaches the ISBT station in Leh the next night (via Manali).

Personal car or motorcycle: In Delhi, you’ll be worldly-wise to rent a motorcycle or car. ensure your vehicle mechanics are reasonably understood.

Bicycle: lots of individuals were worldly-wise to trundling up. it’s going to plane be worth taking your velocipede from Delhi to Manali then starting riding there.

Delhi to Leh Road Trip Route

Delhi → Karnal → Mandi → Manali

Via Ambala and Mandi is that the most typical route. Most of the time you’ll momentum on NH1. initially, the roads are extremely secure, but the routes are bad and moreover the uphill as you go up to Ghanauli halfway through the trip. In Roopnagar, Gurubaksh Dhaba could be a spanking-new place to prevent and funky down.

Manalí / Tanglang La / Leh – Manali / Jispa / Tanglang La / Leh

To stave the hordes visiting Rohtang Pass, start by 4am from Manali. On the way, the rememberable zone may be viewed, stopping for lunch at the Koksar Dhaba, put gas on the car in Tandi and heading towards Jispa. you’ll be headed from Jispa to Sarchu, a vital stopover. the military Base Zany will be held between June and October at a height of 14,500 meters.

Once you permit Sarchu, you’re scrutinizingly there. Not before, however, does one navigate Lachulungla Pass and see the unshortened plateau of Ladakh. The rough terrain really starts as you still Pang (where there’s the weightier military transit camp) and Tanglang La Pass (which, at 17585 feet whilom water level, is personal to be the second-highest motorable road in India). You’ll come to Leh within the evening.

Best Road Trips from Leh

Leh → Pangong Lake

It looks spectacular and changes verisimilitude several times each day reckoning on the daylight united of the very weightier lakes in India. Naturally, moreover a good campsite.

Leh → Nubra Valley

The Nubra Valley lies superiority of Khardung La Pass, where there’s whimsically any plant but near the gorgeous river beds. last to Diskit, where there are many Buddhist monuments to traditional Tibetan architecture.

Leh → Magnetic Hill & Khardung La

It’s a mysterious hill, Magnetic Hill. Park your car wherever it’s and mark it. Check for time later and you may notice you’ve moved your car. an zone to go to on the road trip between Delhi and Leh. Afterwards throne to Khardung La, with over 18,000 feet the very weightier motor pass within the world.

Leh → Thiksey Monastery

The Thikssey Monastery or Thiksay Monastery, a stunning gumpa (monastery) with a Tibetan Buddhist religion, residing atop a hill, is unconfined for pilgrims fascinated by tracery or sightseeing.

This time, you may travel when via Srinagar to Lamayuru, where you have got wondrous views. reside Lamayuru Monastery, which is world renowned and has quite 150 monks. If you wish, occupy Lamayuru for one night surpassing heading for an spare long journey. you may pass Foto La, Namika La and Mulbek to Kargil. Namika La could be a fantastic pass that you simply won’t chuck.


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