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Places to celebrate Christmas in India

Places to celebrate Christmas in India
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Christmas is one of the enjoyable moments of the year and throughout this festive occasion where people love to travel around different amazing places to celebrate and enjoy this festival. There are plenty of alluring destinations in India where one can take pleasure in this festival. There are lots of places in India which gets painted with stunning colours of festivity throughout this festival from the Northeast part of India to Bombay and from Kerala to Assam. Walk around these top places of India where you can celebrate this festival with much splendour and trumpet blast. At these states of India, you can experience these places to celebrate Christmas in India and can make your Christmas stupendous.

list of places to celebrate Christmas in India


Snowfall and Christmas when merges make wonderful surroundings for this most anticipated festival; it augments the strength of the festival. The breathtaking exquisiteness and charisma of the peaks make the aura look more fascinating during Christmas. The striking pine trees emerge like Christmas tree, these pine trees seems really gorgeous when enclosed in snow and are decorated with lights and accessories. The complete sight is really entrancing and emerges so alluring in the night. If you want to celebrate the true sense of Christmas then you can also book a log hut to live Christmas temper under the sparkly night. Furthermore, you can make your Christmas vacations remarkable by planning Manali tour.


Pondicherry is renowned for its wonderful combination of French tradition and the exquisiteness of the splendid festival of Christmas. Pondicherry looks like a paradise throughout this festival. Clean, tranquil and exotic beaches of Pondicherry are flawless for spending the day time of Christmas and the tremendously built churches and picturesque glimpses of French culture makes this place great for Christmas celebration in India. It is one of the perfect places in India to rejoice Christmas.


Shimla has a very miniature inhabitant which follows Christianity and so Christmas celebration is here prepared with highly pomp and gaiety. The cheerful aura can be seen all over the place at the time of this festival. However, you may be not make out plenty of tourists throughout Christmas but the hills offer a scenic view and quiet so far fun-filled Christmas. Adornment can be seen more or less all over the places such as the streets, churches and houses with gleaming lights. Local people of the area organize traditional food and also sing carols and mantras in the evening to celebrate that festive mood. Some of the churches of Shimla also take part in local gospel music. Thus, if you want to spend amazing Christmas quietly then make a plan Christmas holidays in Shimla.


Kolkata is lovingly known as ‘The City of Joy’ and this city ecstatically welcomes Christmas festivities. Park Street area of Kolkata astonishes with lights and stars and with an abundance of other decorations. There are lots of streets where many bars and pubs are located and those are all open throughout night long throughout the festive days! You can experience the best sweet Christmas pleasures at Flury’s. Tourists planning Kolkata tour on Christmas can also hear the sweet sound of hymns at popular churches of Kolkata; the St Paul’s Cathedral of Kolkata also arranges a midnight gathering. Furthermore, the Anglo-Indian units celebrate this festival in the traditional way and parties and social event are also held to celebrate this festival. It is one of the astounding places of India to celebrate Christmas and get the superb experience of this festival.


Delhi is a city which never falls asleep and this lively city celebrates Christmas beautifully. The Christian zone of Delhi glistens with lights throughout the season and the whole city is painted in the colour of this festival. Delhi does not have Christian inhabitants majorly but this festival is celebrated with highly pleasurable ways. The Sacred Heart Cathedral and the Capital City Minstrel choir show is the best way to discover the traditional facet of Christmas in the capital city and here you can experience Christmas is celebrated in the capital city of India.


Bombay or Mumbai is one of the metropolises which have truly hugged various cultures of India and houses people and follow many religions. This city is an awesome place to celebrate Christmas. There are lots of places where you can visit and take pleasure in the celebration of Christmas in Mumbai and some of those beautiful places are Hill Road, Bandra and Church Gate are famous destinations where Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Almost all churches all over the city organize a midnight gathering. Besides, there are lots of bars and pub where you can visit and have fun this festival in the city of dreams.


Goa is affectionately known as the party ecstasy and the beach capital of the state. This destination becomes really stunning throughout the Christmas season and welcomes a vast number of visitors because of the terrific celebration of Christmas. The entire destination throughout Christmas is ornamented with pulsating lights and flower adornment can be seen almost all over the place. You can have fun at the clubs and bars where the festival is celebrated exquisitely. Furthermore, there are also multiple music festivals which occur in Goa during Christmas. 

These are all beautiful destinations where Christmas is celebrated in India.


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