Top Things to Do In Kashmir


Millions of tourists travel to Kashmir every year for their summer vacations, winter vacations, Honeymoon tours, and other vacations. Most people are worried about what to do on a Kashmir trip. This blog will focus on top attractions and things you can do in the Kashmir valley. We answer most of your questions regarding activities and things to do in Kashmir that you should look for in your Kashmir Tour Package.

Shikara Ride

A Shikara ride is a highly recommended activity for tourists to Kashmir valley. It undoubtedly ranks as one of Srinagar’s best activities. Shikaras, a light-rowed boat of the gondola type that can be ridden over the Dal lake’s surface, are called “gondolas”. These boats can be used to move between the houseboats and for more extended tours. You will have a lifetime memory of the Shikara Ride in Srinagar Kashmir. The background is dominated by snow-capped mountains. You can also buy food and shop at floating shops during your ride.

These are some of the most famous lakes to enjoy a Shikara ride in Kashmir Valley

Dal lake, Nagin Lake etc.

Shikara Ride Charges:INR 150-500 (approx.)

Hours of Operation -5:00 AM to 6:00 PM (All days)

Stay in a Houseboat

Other than luxury hotels and resorts, You can stay in Kashmiri houseboats while visiting Kashmir Valley. These houseboats feature pleasant Kashmiri architecture and have luxury bedrooms, separate dining and lounge areas, and a balcony overlooking the lake. Many houseboats offer rooftops that can be used for relaxing evenings. Some houseboats even have floating gardens. The most stunning views are available, and guests enjoy lavish amenities. These houseboats look amazing. These houseboats, unlike Kerala, are permanently moored at the lake and don’t travel.

Best Lakes to Stay – Dal Lake, Nagin Lake.

Staying cost in Kashmiri Houseboat: INR 1,000 to 7,000 per Night (approx.)

Best Time to Stay: All Year

Discover Magnificent Gardens

Beautiful views surround the ‘Heaven on Earth” Kashmir. The Stunning Beauty of Kashmir is a Highlight. Verdant gardens in the valleys beauty is evident in their many beautiful buildings. The best place to visit in Kashmir Valley is the Mughal Gardens, built in charbagh architecture by different Mughal princes. Valleys are the origin of gardens for leisure. The Mughal gardens are a delight to visit, with their beautiful paths and lush greenery. Explore the lush greenery and take a stroll around.

Famous Gardens of Kashmir:

Nishat Garden, Shalimar Garden, Chasmeshahi Garden, Pari Mahal Garden, Tulip Garden, Nehru Garden.

Indian Nationals: Entry FeeINR 24 per Person (approx.

The Best Time to Visit Mughal Gardens: March through Oct

Closing and Opening Time: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Gondola Ride in Gulmarg

Gulmarg It is located at 2650m above sea level, at the base of Mount Apharwat. The cable car (gondola) extends almost to Apharwat’s peak, at 3980m above sea level. Cable cars provide access to 1330 meters of snow-covered slopes. The installation of the cable car allows for access to 1330 vertical meters of snow-covered slopes. Gondola Cable Car Lift Gulmarg, which runs from Gulmarg to Apharwat top, is one of the most lift-served ski resorts worldwide. Gulmarg Gondola covers 5 km in total. This is a stunning sight when viewed from the cable car.

Gondola operating hours -10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Gondola Car Tariffs -INR 700 Gulmarg-Kungdoor (First Phase), INR 900 Kungdoor-Aparwath (2nd Phase), INR 250 (Chairlift)

Pony Ride in Kashmir

Although scenic landscapes are enchanting for all visitors, sometimes your feet may not be able to carry you over long distances or high heights. In such cases, ponies can take you to these magical places. Horses (or pony) can be found in popular tourist resorts, especially where roads aren’t motor-able in the highlands. To trek in the valley’s highlands, tourists hire ponies. The ponies can be hired at a very affordable price. You should always bring water and food with you when you go on your ride.

Places to Explore by Pony Ride: Baisaran, Chandanwari, Gulmarg,Yousmarg, Sanasar.

The best time to enjoy -March through Oct

Golfing in Kashmir

Four world-class golf courses are available in Kashmir, each offering stunning landscapes. Gulmarg, Srinagar and Srinagar are two of the most famous golf courses in Kashmir. The top destination for golfing is Kashmir. It is breathtaking to be surrounded by Pine and Chinar trees in these beautiful, tranquil locations. These courses are rarely crowded, which is another reason to play golf on them. You can relax completely and play at your own pace.

Best time for Golfing -April through November

The Best Golf Courses of Kashmir: Royal Springs Golf Club, Srinagar Gulmarg Golf Club, Gulmarg

Rafting in Kashmir

In the Kashmir valley, river rafting was just introduced. It is thrilling to raft the turbulent rivers straight from the glaciers. Some of India’s most mighty rivers are born on the Himalayan peaks. These waterways, fed by numerous streams, run along boulder-strewn riverbeds, cutting deep canyons and splitting into silvery white rapids. White water river rafting is a sport that requires a victory over the river’s swift, swirling waters. River rafting is most prevalent in Kashmir’s upper reaches. Here, the water is wild and straightforward as it froths and foams against narrow gorges, rocks outcrops, and falls at steep gradients. River rafting has also been classified and rated according to difficulty. Guided tours are recommended as they can prove dangerous for novices.

The Best Rivers to Raft -Pahalgam on the Lidder River

The best time to go rafting is -April-September

Camping in Kashmir

Enjoy the breathtaking views and fresh air in the mountains! Kashmir will not let you down! The valley is a paradise for campers—camp in the wilderness Trekking at the tops of mountains, or wherever your heart desires. Enjoy the natural beauty and tranquillity that is so abundant in this area. It is unforgettable to spend days away from the chaos of cities, breathe in the pure air of mountains, and sleep under clear skies that open up to the inspiring views of The Milky Way.

The Best Places to Camp in Kashmir: Gulmarg, Aru Valley, Lidderwat, Sonamarg, Yousmarg, Pahalgam

The best time to camp in Kashmir is -March through Oct.

Shopping in Kashmir

Shopaholics will not be disappointed by Kashmir. You can find many rare items to bring home. There are rows upon rows of handicraft shops lined the streets. There is a fantastic selection. The variety is impressive. There are items to fit every budget. For their exceptional craftsmanship, Kashmiri handicrafts make a significant investment. It is an excellent investment to invest in Kashmiri carpets, both in wool and silk. These masterpieces will make your home beautiful for many generations, whether you prefer Persian designs or simple works.

These papier-mache pieces are very eye-catching. There are many options, including jewellery boxes and mirror frames, beautifully carved walnut wood furniture and other accessories, stone jewellery boxes and beautiful woollen Shawls. Also, there is crewel embroidery on the furnishing material sold per meter and many more prizes. It will be a joy to bring back a few memories of this earthly paradise.

The top things to buy in Kashmir

These exquisite souvenirs, Kashmiri shawls, are worth looking out for. These soft fabrics, made from wool, pashmina, and Shahtoos, make fabulous warm shawls. Also, the handmade embroidery is fantastic. Beware of fakes.

  • One of Kashmir’s most famous creations is the silk carpet. Although a rug is the most expensive item on your Kashmir trip, it can be a long-lasting investment.
  • The wood carvings are beautiful and well worth the money, as Kashmir is the only place in India where the walnut tree can be found.
  • There are many varieties of silk textile designs in Kashmir. The silk yarn has fine qualities such as ‘Crepe de chine and ‘Chinon’.
  • There are many shops in the old city that sell copper objects. These items were made for the local market. It is also exquisite to see silverware.
  • Although all paper Mache objects appear similar at first glance, the price difference depends on the product’s quality. These are great souvenirs you can take home.
  • Willow rushes are abundant in Kashmir’s marshes and lakes. These can be used to create charmingly precious objects.
  • Srinagar is known for its dry fruits, such as almonds, walnuts, and spices like shah Zira, honey, and saffron.
  • Phiran, a popular garment worn in the valley, is made from wool and has attractive embroidery. It’s worth buying.

The best markets to shop: The best needs to check out in Kashmir

There are Lal Chowk and Residency Road, Badshah Chowk and Badshah Chowk, and Polo View Road, Floating Market, Kashmir Government Arts Emporium and Polo View Road. You can explore the markets and find bargains to bring home souvenirs from your most memorable holiday.

Local cuisines

Even if you are not a food expert, you can still enjoy savouring. Delectable Kashmiri cuisines when it comes to the best things to do and see in Kashmir, this is the top spot. The unique flavour and aroma of Kashmiri cuisines make them difficult to resist for tourists. Wazwan’s rich and delicious Kashmiri cuisines include exquisite rogan josh, take maaz and gushtaba dishes. A part of the Kashmiri celebrations is the feast of Wazwan. This is a characteristic of royalty, but it’s a beautiful experience to review to have it in the right ambience with traditional songs and music. The intricate preparation and ancient presentation of Kashmiri cuisine add to its charm.

Kashmiri meals are served on a large copper plate called Tram. It contains the steamed rice and various meats such as Tabakh Maaz and Chicken. The team is divided into four or four people, which allows them to eat their meals together. You can enjoy the delicious wazwan style of Kashmiri Pandits’ weddings. It will be a delight to serve the dum aloo and chuk wangan with saffron pulao and many other dishes. The richness and style of these dishes will captivate your taste buds.

Kahwa, also known as tea, is made by heating water with various spices and sugars to give it a sweet flavour. This tea is loved all over the world for its delicious taste. It is suitable for Jammu and Kashmir’s atmospheric conditions, but it also aids in digestion.