How To Find The Best Honeymoon Hotel For You And Your Spouse: 6 Tips To Get Started

Honeymoon Hotel

For some newly-wed lovers, the honeymoon is the most special vacation they can ever have in their lifetime together. The honeymoon not only acts as a much-needed break from those stressful months of wedding planning — it’s also a gratifying way to begin their married life. It’s through their honeymoon vacation that couples get to enjoy each other’s company (no in-laws, no job-related stress!) and create their first few adventures. 

That’s why choosing the right place for your once-in-a-lifetime couples getaway is critical. Next to picking a dreamy location for your romantic escape, take the time in choosing the best hotel for your honeymoon. 

1. Pick a hotel in a place that means the world to the both of you

When you hear the word “honeymoon”, images of dreamy tropical islands, relaxing sunsets, and champagnes first come to mind. Just do a quick search on Google and you’ll get what I mean. While these things sound heavenly for some, these laidback, romantic experiences might not be okay for you if you crave adventure. 

Don’t get too swayed by Instagramming celebs and colleagues, dictating you what honeymoons should look and feel like. Instead, focus on what you both enjoy doing on a vacation. You can pack your walking boots and climb a mountain, explore national parks and rainforests, interact with wildlife, or tour a romantic city. You visit also visit a beach, not just to walk along the shore but to actually surf and snorkel. 

Create a honeymoon wishlist too, so you’ll have a guide when finding the best hotels, tours, and packages. For instance, if cycling has a sentimental value for the both of you, perhaps a boutique hotel in Oudenaarde, a bike-friendly city in the Flemish Ardennes, would be an ideal place to be. 

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2. Use a professional agent 

Working with a travel agent is optional. If you have spare time and you don’t want to worry about the extra costs, then you and your partner can always go the DIY route. But if you feel like your wedding plans are already overwhelming and your itinerary is complex, having a professional arranging your trip on your behalf can do wonders. All you need to do is to pack your bags and enjoy your stay when the time comes. 

3. Determine your budget

Before you start to do any actual planning, make sure you know your budget. Use that price as a guide when deciding where to stay and for how long. For instance, if you have a tight budget, you can either spend a week or more in a mid-range place or a few days in a luxurious destination. 

4. Choose a hotel with a romantic room or suite

Even if you’re in a stunning destination, you’re not sightseeing all the time when you’re on your honeymoon. Usually, more leisure time with your partner is spent in your temporary home: your hotel room. That said, make sure your hotel room provides more than just comfort — the in-room features should balance relaxation and romance. 

See if the hotel has honeymoon suites, which usually come with elegant linens and decors and rose petal turndown service. Other hotels even have hot tubs and jacuzzis. Ask for a hotel room with a balcony view too. Lastly, ask to be situated away from noisy pools and bars to ensure a peaceful stay. 

5. Go for adult-only hotels

Not all hotels are created equal. Some hotels specialise in family vacations, while others cater mostly to adult guests. While you can still have a pleasurable holiday in a kid-friendly resort, the presence of rowdy kids in the hallways, banquet halls, and pools may spoil the romantic vibe. 

With this, make sure you opt for adult-only hotels, which have a more serene, adult-centric ambiance. These hotels usually have better offerings for couples, including complimentary wine or champagne, spa treatments and saunas, and couple packages. 

6. All-inclusive package or a la carte? 

Couple packages (also called romantic packages) consist of everything you need to make your honeymoon or romantic getaway memorable. These offers are bundled at one flat rate, giving you a bang for your buck. 

Hotel packages usually include: 

  • A suite or room with a scenic view
  • A complimentary bottle of champagne or wine
  • Fresh floral decor and rose petal turndown service
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries or chocolate assortment.
  • Candlelight dinner for two.
  • Breakfast in bed for two.
  • Spa treatments
  • Day tours and other activities, like horseback riding and boat trips

Packages vary depending on the hotel and their market’s budget needs. They can go from simple to elaborate, so compare each one of them and pick which one is the most ideal for your honeymoon plans.

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