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Sar Pass Trek is a shocking trek from Grahan town finishing off with Barhseini in Kullu Valley. The trek is suggested for every one of the individuals who love experience, cold scenes, and high mountains. 

The trek begins from Kasol where you will PASS through pine woods, heavenly glades, snow-covered mountains, and the absolute most stunning scenes which make Sar Pass perhaps the best trek for fledglings. You will likewise PASS by a frozen lake (Called Sar in the neighborhood lingo) from where it got its name. 

The all-out trek distance is 48 km. When you arrive at the PASS practically near 14,000ft, the view from the PASS is totally amazing as a result of the superb heaps of Parvati Valley. 

This trek will without a doubt give an Adrenaline surge and exciting experience decorated with snow-capped timberland, wildflowers, and enchanted valleys. 


SAR implies Lake in the nearby language, this trek which is at a height of 13,816 feet is named Sar Pass since you need to PASS by a chilly Lake Sar. It lies in Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh and the beginning stage of this trek is Kasol. 

On account of its simplicity of trouble, this trek is great for first-time trekkers. It’s an exemplary decision for the people who need to investigate an assortment of territory across the board trek. This path gives trekkers a scope of encounters, including backwoods, glades, curious towns, and snow-covered mountains. 

– Experience the glorious perspectives and nearby legends of these awesome snow-capped tops. 

– Get an opportunity to investigate the wild and extraordinary vegetation of the Himalayas. Pink rhododendrons painting the path at different focuses is a sight not to be missed 

– Challenge yourself to investigate the excitement of different climbs and drops. 

– Immerse yourself in the stunning perspective from the highest point of Sar Pass. 

– Lavish green glades of Biskeri Thatch would incredibly convince you to long for additional. 

– Bring back a ton of keepsakes and recollections from this excursion. 

Sar Pass Trek is an Ultimate Trek for Beginners 

One can encounter a wide range of trails, go through Himalayan antiquated and appealing towns, wide and thin glades and timberlands. 

You get to encounter landscape assortments on this trek and its beginning stage is Kasol, away from urban communities. Individuals from various regions visit this spot and its a renowned vacationer location. 

Things to Lookout for- 

– The trek is sure to give unmatched sensations of achievement. 

– Various towns with numerous chances to collaborate with local people will keep you engaged all through the excursion. 

– Explore the enchanting timberland of rhododendrons. 

Different climbs and plunges will urge you to scrutinize your perseverance and at last, beat them. 

– The all-encompassing perspective on snow-shrouded trails and tops from the top is certainly worth the work trekkers will consume on their excursion. 

– Camping under the starry evening sky loaded up with stars is involvement with and of itself. 

Best Time to Visit Sar Pass Trek 

Both the climb and the plunge of Sar Pass are respectively difficult. The best and ideal opportunity to climb these ways is from May to October. The reasonable skies of May and June make a phenomenal all around the flawless scene of trails and meadows. Temperatures regularly range from 13 to 17 degrees Celsius during the day, with considerably colder evenings. 

Summers have a generally gentle climate with practically no precipitation, though storms have moderate to weighty precipitation. 

Trouble level 

Despite the fact that the top is generally moderate in height, we actually suggest a healthy degree of actual wellness. We emphatically encourage trekkers to actually and intellectually set themselves up preceding this trek. All through the course, all gatherings will be directed by our specialists for trekking gear and any approaching territory. 

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Any clinical help if necessary will be given any time of the excursion, trekkers will counsel their clinical assistance, prior to beginning any trek. We additionally unequivocally encourage trekkers to teach themselves about height ailment and to inform our groups when any indications show up. 

Things to convey 

1) Because evenings at heights will quite often be impressively colder, we recommend having very much evaluated, warm and open to dressing alongside great quality shoes. 

2) Despite the way that we handle clinical emergencies, we ask people to keep their survival kits within reach regardless of individual hidden illnesses. 

3) Since the excursion gives you a beautiful perspective on many pinnacles, don’t neglect to carry your camera alongside additional batteries. 

4) Our staff will talk with individual trekkers about their baggage and, if lacking, will help trekkers in getting any necessary gear. Just the applicable baggage ought to be brought, therefore.