8 Best Islands In Florida

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Most would hold Florida synonymous with its gigantic theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studious or the 1,200 miles of coastline with a diverse pool of visitors. But, in fact, for those who wish to escape to an island away from the hyper-culture of Florida need not look far or long.

Have you known that Florida is also famous for its approximately 4500 islands around the Sunshine State, scenic and ideal islands with a multitude of vibes similar to the Maldives and Cook can also be found here. Now You want to enjoy two places in a single place then you need to make your Allegiant Airlines Booking now and reach Florida to enjoy Bali and Florida beach experience.

Let Discussed The 8 Best Islands In Florida For Travelers

1. Marco Island

South Marco Beach offers spectacular sunsets, Tigertail Beach provides has an assortment of beautiful shells that beachgoers can find on the sand. Being an urban establishment Marco Island has no problems in providing options for shops and restaurants and an added bonus for people here are the golf courses for enthusiasts.

Also here at the island is a small mangrove called “Ten Thousand Islands’’ that guests can visit and for those feeling adventurous airboat rides and swamp buggy are also great ways to explore the place here.

2. Islamorada

An amalgamation of 6 islands, Islamorada also known as “The Village of Island” is located just slightly left of Key Largo and is one of the best places fishing around here. Lot many anglers come here as the island here has been deemed by many as the “Sport Fishing Capital of the World”.  Here you can sit with your family members and enjoy fishing together which makes your day.

3. Key west

Key West is exceptionally popular because of all the various kinds of crowds that it seamlessly caters to; from the history buffs to beach enthusiasts and night revelers alike. Seven miles off the coast here also lies the world’s third-largest coral reef. 

Mallory Square here offers a lot of live performances, street food and a great view of sunsets. Duval Street is also a great choice for exceptional seafood and bars that remain open till the wee hours of the morning.

4. Little Palm Island

This tiny little island as the name suggests is small but is definitely paradise with all the exclusive and luxurious spots that draw high-profile people from every walk of life. One can easily compare Little Palm to Seychelles with its numerous little bungalows and the Little Palm Island Resort and Spa. 

5. Amelia island

Fernandina Beach which is Amelia Island’s main town also has a lot of character to it with its age-old Victorian-era-styled buildings and small fishing cottages that house both shops and restaurants. The annual Shrimp Festival may also be of interest to people who savor all things shrimp. 

Ritz-Carlton is available here is also available which is among the more luxurious resorts around here, but the Omni Amelia Island Resort, Amelia Hotel at the Beach, and Seaside Amelia Inn are also great places to stay on the island

6. Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island a beautiful beach with turquoise shades of water and white sandy beaches is located near Tampa and has a feel of Old Florida. Beach lovers here can splash around in the water and build sandcastles at one of the two beautiful beaches of Bradenton Beach and Coquina Beach. 

7. Sanibel Island

A quieter place compared to the island of Sanibel is a great place for family holidays. However, though not completely pristine with powdery sand the Sanibel draws crowd here for another big reason. You also want to enjoy this place with the crowd then call the Copa Airlines Español Telefono and book your winter flight ticket to reach this place.

The island also has a great selection of hotels and resorts with great views of the water making it ideal for those who wish to spend entire vacations here. Some good choices of resorts and hotels here are Sanibel Island Beach Resort, Sanibel Inn, and Sundial Beach Resort and Spa.  which set of u.s. presidents have descendants who are married to each other?

8. Gasparilla island

Named after a Spanish pirate that once lived on this island, Gasparilla is a small island on Florida’s western coast. It lies between Fort Meyers and Sarasota and is a great way to experience old Florida. The island is also especially popular for fishing with some even touting it as “The Tarpon Fishing Capital of the World”.