Things to do in Yuksom On A Culture Trip To Sikkim


You will enjoy a lot visiting to Yuksum in Sikkim, most of all find the attractive and exotic historical charm in the city of West Sikkim. Although, visiting to Yuksom make your travel to unbeatable. Yuksom is a place in Sikkim that encourages you culturally and spiritually. This was a former capital of Sikkim, and this place is preserved for its great and golden history and culture. There many things and activities you can do in Yuksom that and they are:

6 Best Things To Do In Yuksom

Let’s discuss about top things to do in Yuksom for unique experiencing the cultural and bold face of Sikkim:

1. Trekking

Trekking is undoubtedly is a great and vital part of Yuksome place and lots of thinfs you can do in Yuksom and trekking can be done with higher elevation trekking. Explore two famous directions in Yuksom for trekking and that are Dzongri Trail and Singalila Ridge. First it takes almost 8 days and the final is done around 10 to 19 days. You have to take permission to visit in Dzongri Trail and take you during some far-flung, rare and charming destinations of Sikkim. When you move to Singalila Ridge that gives some of the most stunning signs of Himalayas.

2. Fish Watching, Kartok Lake

Next you can do in Yuksome is fish watching. Of course, fish watching here is amazing activities that will a great relief to watch the fishes. You can come to Kartok Lake and this is a remarkable spot to travel around. This appealing superficial-lake in Yuksom looks too striking, and you can see goldfish there. This waterbody is filled with red and gold hued fish. And, this Kartok Lake is believed to be sacred and is and has powers to fulfil your desires.

3. Jeep Safari, Kanchenjunga National Park

Come to the most impressibve Kanchenjunga National Park and it is a worldwide famous national park along with it is also a biosphere reserve in Sikkim. This comes under UNESCO World Heritage Site and here you can spot a wide range of Flora and Fauna species. This area is scattered in an area of 1,784 Km², this national park is also the best safari destination. You can travel around and enjoy the vistas of massive Himalayan mountain ranges, water streams, and piney woodland. Watch a variety of wild creatures such as sloth bear, musk deer, snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan Blue sheep, and red panda.

4. Shopping, Yuksom Bazaar

You will get truly a fantastic shopping experience at Yuksom Bazaar even; this is a local bazaar in the city of Yuksum. You can spot there many little shops are put up on the pavement and you can purchase a variety range of household products. Go to some luxury cafes in the market where tourists hangout. Yuksom is a little town and get many fancy items in the market there.

5. Food, Mama’s Kitchen

If you are foodie and love eating a variety of cuisine then you can visit at Mama’s Kitchen and after your tiring day you can simply come to this lavish restaurant in Yuksom. This eatery place is designed in a traditional hill-house layout with slanting roof and wood work. Here, you can enjoy local foods of Sikkim as well as also taste Italian and Chinese cuisines. The food here is very neat and clean even and lip-smacking available at reasonable process.

6. Spin Prayer Wheels, Mani Hall

Another great travel experience you will get in Yuksome by visiting to Mani Hall and this hall is absolutely like a temple-design structure in Yuksom. The construction style is a complete amalgamation of traditional buddhist architecture along with a touch of state-of-the-art architecture. The building is constructed with the comprehensive roof, completed in a colour of red-yellow though the glass walls are installed in the building. The main spotlight of Mani Hall is the 18 gigantic prayer wheels fitted in 2 rows. Rotating these profound copper prayer wheels is the most exceptional.