10 Things you need to know before you visit Norway


Do you dream that one day you will visit Norway? Maybe you have booked a flight already and started preparing for the journey.

Wherever you are, you should know 10 things before your visit to Norway;

1. Norway is a Scandinavian Country

Norway is the core of the world, and everybody knows who we are, so we Norwegians prefer to feel. The reality is Norway is not as large as we would like to believe, and nobody even knows Norway is a country.

Norway is a Scandinavian country with around 5,2 million inhabitants and has been called one of the best places to live and/or visit multiple times. You can read about to Norway tour packages with us here.

2. Do not wander the streets with Polar Bears

Polar Bears walk the streets of Norway. A misunderstanding is popular. Luckily, this is not the case. Currently, on mainland Norway, there are no wild Polar Bears.

Norway is still a civilized country, and it would be awesome to see how modern it is. We’ve also got cars on the road…!

However, Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago that extends from mainland Norway to the North Pole with more polar bears than humans. However, the occurrence between the population and Polar Bears is uncommon.

3. The currency of Norway is NOK (Norwegian Krone)

The Norwegian crown is the currency we use in Norway. So, you won’t come far if you fly with Euro alone. The Norwegian Krone has recently become poor and is less costly than it was just a year ago if you are going to Norway in the near future.

Norway uses less and less cash, it should be noted. Using the credit card, including taxis and hot dogs, to do much of it! This means you didn’t forget to bring cash. it’s not a crisis.

4. Most Norwegians Speak English

Don’t Norwegian know that? No problem! No problem! Most Norwegians are English speaking. Although some of you are a little timid to have a full conversation, you can most of all understand and answer any questions.

Don’t be scared to say hello to an outsider!

5. Norway is a visiting safe country

It is thought that Norway is one of the best in the world. Except in major cities like Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Stavanger, crime rates are exceptionally low.

You should take some precautions, as in any other urban area, but not too much to think about. It is still relatively safe to walk alone at night and the risk of being the victim of a crime is minimal.

Norway’s most crimes apply to burglaries in the home and workplaces. There are some pickpocket groups that travel in the summer through the most tourist areas, so watch your wallet when you’ve been in crowds (still, the possibility of anything happening is low).

6. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Norway has four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Make sure that you take this into account when you intend to visit Norway. Some attractions are only available for a particular season and some walks during the winter are not reachable. If you are going to visit a particular venue, see the optimal season.

It must also be noted that between seasons the weather changes a great deal. Ensure that when you fly to Norway you still have enough clothes as cold! Taking a look at the weather forecast is a good idea all the time.

7. Carry often an extra clothing sheet.

The weather changes a lot in Norway, as described above, so you want to always carry plenty of clothing. Most importantly, you must carry an extra layer of clothes if you intend for any walks during the stay. Also in summer, when the weather changes, when you hit a higher altitude, we suggest carrying a rain jacket and a fleece in your backpack.

8. Often in Norway the wild camp is permitted

Thanks to the “Allemannsretten” correct, anywhere you want to in Norway, you can set up a tent (unless anything else is stated at a specific area). For us Norwegians, the outside world is very important and we do everything possible to preserve the freedom to freely use the exterior. Make sure however that you don’t leave traces and do no harm to nature.

Also in Norway, there are many campsites cheap to stay at. You also have the ability to shower warmly at these places, clean your clothes, and charge batteries.

9. Many outdoor parks and locations are free of charge

Both public lands are free to access because of “Allemannsretten.” This ensures that you do not have to pay a national park admission fee and you are free to go most of the time. All we are asking is that you appreciate nature and do whatever you can to keep track.

10. Norway has the Best Salmon

Norway does have the best salmon. It’s real. In fact, the Japanese were introduced to Salmon Sushi by Norwegians in the 1980s. So is our salmon good? It’s good.

While salmon is cheap, make certain that, even if you’re traveling budgetary, you have at least one proper salmon food in Norway.