5 reasons to upgrade your vision system now


Before we dive into the article, let’s address a few worries you might have about upgrading your vision system now. Firstly, with the rapidly changing industry landscape and new technology being introduced on a seemingly daily basis, many manufacturers are concerned that their existing vision system inspection may quickly become obsolete as soon as they upgrade.

In fact this is not true at all, as the majority of vision systems are able to be upgraded, with both hardware and software options available. Secondly, if your existing vision system is still functioning correctly it’s understandable to assume that there’s no real reason to update it.

However, due to the extremely fast pace at which technology evolves, even a two year old machine could have been left behind in terms of performance. Here we’ll discuss five reasons why you should upgrade your vision system now.

1) To keep up with changing industry demands

The manufacturing industry is always on the lookout for new ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs, and this often requires upgrading existing machinery and processes. A vision system is no exception, as manufacturers are constantly seeking to implement new technology by streamlining their vision system so that it performs better. By waiting to upgrade your vision system you could fall behind competitors, or even have parts rejected due to being too cluttered during the inspection process.

2) To meet ever-changing customer demands

Vision systems can be used not just for production purposes, but also for quality control and customer satisfaction. A large portion of manufacturers will display their goods to the public, meaning that their inspections need to be able to accommodate these demands. If your vision system is not up-to-date, it could end up causing you serious problems such as over-inspecting products and delaying the production process or under-inspecting products and losing the trust of your customers.

3) To grow with customer demands

A vision system can be used not just for product inspection, but also for other aspects such as sorting. If you plan to offer additional services in future it’s important that you have a system which is able to support these new additions, otherwise it could lead to malfunctioning which could damage your business.

4) To keep up with competition demands

Once again, keeping current with the latest technology is extremely important for staying ahead of competitors in an ever-changing market. If you wait until it’s too late to upgrade your vision system you could lose customers who are unwilling to deal with outdated equipment.

5) To increase productivity levels

When a vision system detects a defect it can notify staff so that the problem can be rectified. By investing in a new vision system, this will allow your business to be much more efficient and productive as properly inspected parts can immediately go into production. In addition, by using modern equipment you’ll benefit from a machine which is faster, more precise and has a larger capacity.


In conclusion, by opting to upgrade your vision system now you’ll be able to benefit from better performance, increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction. By doing so you’ll also ensure that your business is much protected against the risk of being left behind in an evolving industry due to old equipment.