Dubai Visa for Indian


Dubai is a city that boasts with lavishness. This city has developed from a desert urban to a budding metropolis, with nearly 15 million people visiting it in 2016. The city is featured with the superlative infrastructure, amazing tourist places, shopping, and desert safaris and more, Dubai is a destination every traveller must visit. It comes in the list of top 10 visited cities in the world as per to Forbes, Dubai has many things to offer for one and all. This oasis in the Middle East can pompously reckon itself to be one of the top cities in the world, with the number of visitors to the city growing each year.

A tourist visa can be well thought-out as a subcategory of the Visit Visa, with the system granting it for a limited time period.

Various types Visas under Dubai Visa for Indian one can opt from:

14 day Dubai Tourist Visa

This is a visa which allows every person to stay in UAE for 14 days of period. It is perfect for someone who wants to travel around the city and visa offers a limited time period. The visa is applicable for a period of two months, without travel allowed further than this time. People can stay in Dubai for 14 days from the date they visit in the country.

30 day Dubai Tourist Visa 

This visa is prepared for individuals who want to spend more time in Dubai. It allows an individual to stay in the country for 30 days. Also, people have to complete the journey within 60 days of issue of visa, post which the visa gets invalid. The period of this visa can be increased by a maximum of 10 days, with some terms and conditions.

However, there are other different types of visas available, people who are travelling to Dubai for the only purpose of sightseeing can select between these two alternatives. People who are requisite to travel to the city on diverse occasions in a specific period of time can choose Multiple Entry Visa.

Dubai Tourist Visa Fees

Indian citizens who want to travel in Dubai can obtain a visa only if they have a native sponsor for which it could be any travel agent, family members or any relative or even friends can also sponsor. Some of the cases, travel agencies can also help you to get visa application process without any hassle. The fee for a tourist visa to Dubai can vary and depending on which agency one contacts. By below summary you can see here typical fee range for a Dubai tourist visa.

Type of Visa Fees Slab wise
14 day visa Rs.5,800 to Rs.6,500
30 day visa Rs.6,100 to Rs.7,000

Above costing mentioned including taxes and service charges

Some types of visa agencies offer Express Visa options in which the visa application process is fast-tracked. This is perfect if one is in an instant rush to visit Dubai. The table below shows the Express Visa fee charged by agencies.

Type of Visa Fees Slab wise
14 day visa Rs.6,500 to Rs.7,400
30 day visa Rs.6,700 to Rs.7,700

In some cases, people might be asked to provide some amounts as security deposit. This amount has refundable policy when the individual leaves the nation. The repayment is usually transferred in the account within 5 working days.

Note: The fee can be different from agency to agency. People should check this before going to apply. The price is given above comprises taxes and one needn’t pay any additional amount.

Documents Required For Dubai tourist visa

People who want to visit Dubai on a tourist visa need to submit the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Application form
  • Photograph
  • Itinerary
  • Financial data
  • Address proof

Dubai Tourist Visa Validity

A Dubai tourist visa allows a person to go into and stay in the country for the period of visa. For instance, a person visiting to Dubai on a 14 day visa can stay only for 14 days. A 30 day visa, however, can be increased by 10 days, providing an individual the opportunity to stay in the country up to 40 days. The extension mainly depends on several terms and conditions and not one and all might be permitted to it.

The visa is applicable for a period of 60 days from the time it is released. People can travel to the country anytime within this time, failing which the visa has to be cancelled. People who do not travel to the country in the fixed period of time and fail to terminate the visa will not be approved one in the future until the old visa is invalid.

So, you have to go through these entire processes to get the Dubai visa for Indian, and get opportunity to explore Dubai city remarkably and wonderfully. Thus, apply for visa for Dubai now.