How to fill out Indian Visa Application Form?


Are you travelling to India? Then of course, you need a visa for travel. Today we will tell you how to apply for your Indian visa visiting an official website of the Indian government.

Let’s know how to fill out visa application form online:

Starting with your Visa Application

For the persons who are filling out visa form first time they need to visit an online application for online. After that go to the orange button “Regular Visa Application” in the menu. You can see visa-related details by taping the rest of the buttons.

Once you clicked on the icons, this will send you to the first page of your visa application form.

Fill Out General Details

Next, part you have to give the general information about your travel, like type name of country you want to visit, need to fill the expected date of your departure and personal details, that can be your nationality and date of birth. At this time, you also need to give the details of visa type and the purpose of your journey.

Finally, in this part you have to type the code in the particular section and you can click on the button then go for “Continue”.

Applicant Details Form

Comes to the next segment of the visa application form is booked for your personal details. At this time, you will get a Temporary Application ID. You can write it in case for any reason you are not able to complete the application in one attempt. With this ID you can return afterwards and carry on where you missed out.

This form comprises two sections Applicant Details and Passport Details. This is all simple. The important thing is you need to focus on properly, in case you replaced your name in the past, then go to the specific box and provide all further information.

In addition, just ensure to mention your surname and your specified name(s) as they are given in your passport.

Once you are complete this process, you can tap on the button “Save and Continue”. As you now receive your Temporary Application ID, you can also go to “Save and Temporarily Exit” and click on it and return to your application later if you need to check that information.

Additional Applicant Details

Another part includes the same name as like before, but it consists of different data. Here you have to give your address details, such as the information about your parents.

Pay attention that you also need to give your contact number so, that you can be reached easily anytime.

Other information that you have to mention currently is your marital status and your profession/occupation details.

Once you complete with entire procedures, so, go to either “Save and Continue” or “Save and Temporarily Exit”. Keep in mind, with your Temporary Application ID you can come back and continue where you missed out. Next steps are visa type means what visa you want, paste your passport size photo, signing visa application form, and then it is ready to submit.