Premature Ejaculation


Problems with sexual health are seldom talked about due to their taboo nature. Moreover, sex is also considered a sensitive topic, making it difficult for people to broach this subject. There is also the element of shame and embarrassment associated with sexual problems due to which people are reluctant about seeking help.  One such topic is Premature ejaculation.

What is PE?

Premature ejaculation, as the name also suggests, is a condition in which the man orgasms and ejaculates before reaching a satisfying climax during the sexual activity. He may even end up having an orgasm during foreplay, or some other sexual activity. Most men in this state, are unable to control their ejaculation.

PE then leads to dissatisfying intercourse, especially for the partner. It can lead to psychological problems, stress and anxiety in the person experiencing it.

It is common for men to have PE, albeit on rare occasions. Trouble looms when premature ejaculation becomes a common occurrence, morphing into a sexual dysfunction that then requires the intervention of experts like sexologist or an Andrologist in Lahore

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

In normal situations, men have enough control that they can moderate when they orgasm, until of course, the climax is too close, in which case, it’s not possible. However, those suffering from PE do not have any or little control to begin with.

Moreover, due to this problem, sex becomes a chore and an activity to an avoided rather than a source of pleasure. Body also associates it with stress then.

It may also strain the relationship, and cause men to feel embarrassed in front of their partner. It is also possible that PE also causes fertility problems.

Even though premature ejaculation does not have implications for the health in grave terms, however, its impact is still profound on the mental and the sexual health.

While some men have primary PE, in which, they have been experiencing this condition through all their sexual encounters. However, premature ejaculation can also afflict men later in life. This is known as secondary or acquired ejaculation.

Causes of PE

Mental health issues

Sexual functioning is very much also controlled by your mind as well. Therefore, psychological problems can also lead to PE.

Some common issues that can lead to this condition include guilt, humiliation, low self-esteem, strained relationship etc. Some people might also face it due to some trauma.

Another powerful force is stress. At times, men get extremely worried about their sexual functioning, that then not only leads to problems with erection, but also, premature ejaculation.

Physical health issues

According to studies, hypothyroidism has been linked to PE. Similarly, low prolactin levels are also considered another reason behind this problem. Low testosterone levels have also been tied to PE. 

Other physical health conditions that may lead to premature ejaculation include hormonal issues around the body, infection, inflammation, and imbalance of the neurotransmitters. PE can also be genetically tied as well.

Treatment for PE

Behavior technique

One of the treatment options is practicing behavioral techniques.  These include the squeeze method and the stop-start technique.

In the former, men are supposed to stop the sexual activity and squeeze their penis for at least 20 seconds, after which they are to resume their activity. This helps in preventing the orgasm.

Similarly, in the stop-start method, the person is supposed to stop when they feel the onset of climax and resume when it passes. This helps in increasing the time for the sexual activity.


Therapist helps men deal with the psychological problems that may be causing them to ejaculate early. They can also help mitigate the stress surrounding this problem.


A popular regimen is combining selective serotonin receptor inhibitors (SSRIs) with sildenafil, aka Viagra, but you should follow treatment plant drafted by your Andrologist in Islamabad. There are also other medicines used, including lidocaine spray, numbing cream, zinc supplements.