Travel freely with the minimum luggage and have a great experience


Travel without any luggage and handbags can be liberating. But if you are travelling for a vacation or a business meeting, you have to carry the entire luggage. 

There are other hassles too while travelling with your luggage. There is a certain luggage fee involved for checking in your luggage. 

The luggage-free travel

Travelling in itself is a liberating experience. If you want to travel and have financial constraints, you can borrow holiday loans and fulfil your dreams. 

Make your travel worthwhile. Try to travel without any extra baggage to travel freely. Without any luggage, you are free from the hassle of your luggage being lost. Also, your waiting time at the counters will be saved. 

But some luggage is required to keep your essentials and other basics handy. You can carry only a handbag and be free and make your travel experience worth remembering. 

Tips for making your travel easy 

  1. Keep in mind the airline’s hand luggage limits

Whenever you are flying, always keep in mind the weight of the hand baggage allowed in your airlines. 

Before leaving your house, always check the weight of your hand luggage to avoid exceeding the limit. You can either check with the airlines directly or check on their website. 

There is a common size that most airlines follow, i.e. 55 x 40 x 20 cm and 8kg is the common weight that is allowed on all flights. 

However, these are not the final dimensions; these may vary from airline to airline. Some may allow less while others may give relaxation on these measurements. 

It also depends on the number of tickets you have, i.e. the number of people flying together. Some airlines allow additional baggage with your handbag, while others may not. 

To fly with an airline, it is essential to know their rules and their baggage limit. If you are aware of all the details, this will help you eliminate all the chances of getting into last-minute trouble.

  1. Limit your liquids

If you think you need too much liquid with you, leave your big bottles at home and travel without them. You can buy refillable bottles and make your luggage lighter. 

Or buy smaller sized bottles of about 100ml. In case of shorter trips, you do not need to buy even 100ml, and you can skip carrying your own bottles. 

You can use alternatives such as using bar soap instead of carrying your liquid wash. You can also use dry shampoo. 

You can also refer to the quantities lasting and make a comparison and then pick up the alternatives for your liquid requirements. 

  1. Check on your clothing

You may like getting dressed up wherever you go. Also, you may not like repeating clothes. But if you wish to lighten your baggage weight, check on your clothing. 

Carry clothes that can be worn more than once; otherwise, if you are going for a longer time, your baggage will be too heavy, putting you in hassle. 

The trick is to keep your basic clothes in the monotone shade. For example, you can keep a white t-shirt that goes well with a skirt as well as trousers or shorts. 

Along with it, you can keep one basic pyjamas that can go well with a simple t-shirt or a tank top or a tube top. The same is the case with the shoes. Do not keep shoes matching with every outfit. 

Stick to one pair of shoes that you can wear every day with all your outfits. This will keep your baggage really lightweight. Go for neutral colours, and your problem will be solved. 

  1. Buy things at your destination

If you are travelling for longer durations, you cannot make it up with one pair of shoes or a t-shirt. Eventually, you will need more clothes and your essentials. 

Instead of filling your baggage with extra things, you can buy as per your needs. If you run out of your essentials, you can purchase them as you need them. 

Instead of stuffing bulky things in your baggage, use lighter things and if you need anything, buy it. Remember, you will get anything that you want to from your destination. Therefore, do not stuff your bag with extra things.

  1. Use your bag space efficiently

One best way is to use your bag space efficiently. Roll out each piece of cloth and stuff them into the corners of your baggage to get empty space for other essential things. 

Once you have stuffed your essential clothes into the corners, roll your socks and other small items in the gaps and the pocket. 

Pack your liquids in a way that if you would have to take them out during your screening, you need not pull out all your stuff. It should be convenient to pull out just the liquid bottles to keep the setting untouched.  Efficiently organize your baggage.


It will be an effort to pack your baggage in a certain way, but once you learn how to pack your luggage effectively, it will make your travel a lot easier and convenient.

You will be free to travel around and explore new places without having the burden of your luggage.  
Description: Tips to travel with hand baggage. Also, what are the various hacks to pack your luggage without adding any weight?