Types of Dubai Visa


To visit Dubai, it is mandatory to apply for a visa. However, there are different types of visas available for Dubai and will discuss those all types of Dubai Visa and they are:

30-day Tourist Visa

This is a tourist visa which is offered to those individuals who are going to UAE for vacations purposes. This visa is allowed for 58 days from the date of its issue. This tourist visa is obtained by a person from a country has no Visa on Arrival arrangement with UAE or the persons who do not come in the group of Visa-Free Entry.

90-Day Tourist Visa

This tourist visa is offered for 30 days or an extended maximum of 90 days. It depends on you what you opt for Single Entry Long Term Visa and Multiple Entry Long Term Visa that is extendable for 90-days.

Service / 14 Days visa 

This visa is offered to people who want to stay in UAE for at least 14 days. This visa is issued for people and their family members who are already residing with them and the visas are given to the people who are coming to Dubai for working as Sales Managers, Account Auditors, Company Representatives, and Corporate Delegations.

Entry Permit for Patients and their Companions

This visa is allowed for foreign patients who are coming to Dubai for health treatment. But that person should be sponsored by any of the medical ward or hospital. The visa allows staying maximum 60 days from the date of issue. This type of visa permit belongs to multiple-entry permit that is the same as single-entry. The only dissimilarity being the alternative to increase in a multiple-entry visa.

E-Visa for Residents from GCC 

GCC Residents and their buddies all are mandatory to acquire visas and for procuring this visa you have to apply online. They should make sure to have the sponsors who are travelling with them. This entry permit visa is allowed for 30 days and the holders can be permitted to stay for a maximum 30 days from the day they go into UAE. There is a visa preference to increase these permit days once for an extra 30 days. To the extent that the buddies are concerned, even the validity can also change from 30 to 60.

Transit Visa 

In this visa type, there are two different types of visa offered and one is for 48-hour visa and the second one is for a 96-hour visa. These types of visas which are mainly sponsored by airlines in Dubai. This visa cannot be extended.

Student Visa 

This visa is available for the students who visit UAE for the purposes for studying in Colleges and Universities in the UAE. This visa is allowed for one year and then need to renew if any students want to pursue education. However, a new student visa has been launched in November 2018, which is valid for five years.