Types of New Zealand Visa

Passport stamp visa for travel concept background, New Zealand

If you want to visit New Zealand, no doubt, you have to know about different types of visas for New Zealand that can help to get by meeting set of formalities. There is a variety of New Zealand Visas and let’s highlight on the types of visas for New Zealand.

Different types of New Zealand Visa you can apply for:

Skilled Migrant New Zealand Visa

The Skilled Migrant New Zealand Visa is a type of visa that can be provided for permanent basis. Applying for this visa means the people who want to hold this visa can stay and work everywhere in New Zealand permanently. The Skilled Migration Programme Visa is available for everyone and the persons should have appropriate experience who can meet the pass mark for the migration score tests before applying this visa.

Work New Zealand visa

Work New Zealand Visas are provided to the applicants who are keen to work in New Zealand for the short-term basis. They can apply this visa for work and later on they can get stay here permanently. The country offers several different types of visa options but it depends on your exact requirement.

Essential Skills required for Work visa

This type of visa is allowed for those who want to work in New Zealand employer or the persons who get an opportunity for a job can apply for this visa. For applying this visa, persons require a temporary essential skills visa that can help people to get the job easily.

Parent visa

This visa is allowed for the parents who want to stay with their children in New Zealand. Applicants can apply for this visa to stay with their children but remember, this visa is limited for certain period of time and also one of their adult children should always have been resident in New Zealand permanently and they must be able to sponsor their parents.

Parent Retirement Category

If individuals can fulfil the criteria for the Parent Category wish to apply their application want to accelerate the process of visa can apply via the Parent Retirement Category. 

Partner visas

The Partner Residence New Zealand Visa is allowed for married couples, social partnerships and married couples who are fully established, they have loyal and faithful relationships as a permanent resident. If an applicant is applying for this visa , must be age above 18, and they have to show proof they are in genuine relationship with their New Zealander partner since last one year just before applying this visa.

These are New Zealand Visas and now depending on which visa type you need to apply.