Visa On Arrival For Indians


Visa on arrival is the choice that some countries that offer an individual who won’t have to apply for a visa before the journey. Many countries which offer visa on arrival, and offers great facility when getting on a destination, the aspirant gets in line at the visa counter, fills a form and gives charges for the visa immediately, which gets stamped on the passport before any person is about to fly or immigrate to a new destination. This procedure is faster than applying for a visa before anyone starts travelling and it is quite easy to travel to other countries with visa on arrival.

Visa on arrival is only valid to certain access terminals such as international airports. When it comes to border crossings, so, an individual needs to apply for a day-to-day visa earlier. In case no visa is necessary at all, a person doesn’t have to pay for any single penny and can lead directly to immigration. This is mainly applicable for candidates who want to cross borders also.

Particularly, all countries do not offer visa on arrival for Indians. One should be knowledgeable about the countries which offer visa on arrival for Indians; as some countries offer visa on arrival only for tourist visas and not work visas. Many countries also change visa regulations often, and without any notice. In most cases, visa on arrival countries includes some basics. For instance, Vietnam offers a visa on arrival service on the condition that one offers a sanction letter from a representative in Vietnam before arriving in the country. Thus, it is vital to be knowledgeable about visa procedures, documental, and fees before start travelling to other nations which provide visa on arrival.

List of countries offers VISA on arrival for Indians

Oceania South America Asia North America Africa
Samoa Bolivia Nepal Trinidad and Tobago Seychelles
Fiji Ecuador Timor Leste St. Lucia Comoros Islands
Palau Guyana Cambodia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Mauritius
Cook Islands Dominica Thailand British Virgin Islands Uganda
Micronesia Macau Nicaragua Kenya
Nieu Jordan Saint Kitts and Nevis Cape Verde
El Salvador Maldives Turks and Caicos Tanzania
Tuvalu Iraq Haiti Guinea-Bissau
Vanuatu Bhutan Montserrat Madagascar
Laos Grenada Togo
Indonesia Jamaica Mozambique

Note: Condition for VISA keep changing with time and conditions, so to check about facility of Visa-on-Arrival (VoA) can be perfectly seen at present time on their respective embassy website.

 Even, more than fifty countries offer visa on arrival for Indians. And, those countries offer visa on arrival for Indians include, Laos (valid for 30 days), and Togo (valid for 7 days), Maldives (valid for 30 days), Haiti (valid for 90 days), Madagascar (valid for 30 days), Jordan (valid for 14 days), other adjoining countries like Sri Lanka also offer on arrival visa for Indian passport holders.

 Many countries come with visa on arrival for Indians might necessitate documents such as passport-sized photographs, current flight tickets and a valid passport. However, in some countries do not take charge for the visa, some countries offer on arrival visa for Indian passport holders where one needs to pay a visa fee along with offering the required documents. There is no average charge for visa on arrival, it mainly differs from country to country – makes sure that you have the local currency of the country that you are moving forward.

 India also has plans to become one of the countries that can offer visa on arrival or e-visa and enable entry to almost 180 countries, even also offering the travellers are not of Pakistani or Bangladeshi source. Some of the countries where India offers visa on arrival for its people and they include Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, South Korea and Singapore.

VISA on Arrival eligibility criteria for Indians

The perquisites for a visa on arrival is that a person should have a valid visa that must be valid up to 6 months, statements proving strong financial support, approved forwards journey ticket, the requirement of nature and period of the journey and no purpose to search for employment in India.

 Main processes to apply for e-visa to India: Like other countries with visa on arrival, the e-visa process includes like filling the visa on arrival online application form, submitting the necessary papers and paying the fees online through debit or credit card. Within 96 hours, one will obtain the Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) to the email ID registered when applying online.

When applying for India tourist visa on arrival online, an applicant should remember to apply at least 4 days before leaving with a window of 30 days. An applicant should also fill the details correctly and submit all the documents stated on the checklist. In case there is a mistake which may reject your application, the fees are also non-refundable. So, be careful while meeting the entire procedures properly.