Zuluk Sightseeing In 2021


Zuluk or Dzuluk is a popular tourist destination that provides a complete peace of mind and a small town that is nearby Indo-China border located in the eastern part of Sikkim and this place is considered as an integral division of old silk route. This immaculate land is located at a height of 9,500 ft above sea level in eastern part of Himalaya.

There are almost 700 people living at Zuluk, even, many people were relocated from Nepal. This small town is located on the top of high peaks. The major tourist places of Zuluk are its attention-grabbing crisscross alleyway, which is also known as Zuluk loop.

This is a best place for seeing sunup and sundown over world third largest mountain Mt. Kanchenjungha.

Let’s know more about the Sightseeing of Zuluk :

Zuluk Loop:

Zuluk is popular for its unrivalled loops of Old Silk path that is around 30 loops in this crisscross conduit.

Ganek :

Ganek is the daybreak point in Zuluk goes on the way to Old Silk Route. It begins early in morning (4:00 am) to get to Ganek and watch sunup over Mt. Kanchenjungha.

Nag Temple:

This cavern designed temple is devoted to Nag Devata(Snake God). It is generally considered that this temple is created naturally via a split in a massive designed rock.

Thambi View Point:

At a height of 10,500 ft this standpoint is perfect destination to view scenic place of zigzag Zuluk loop on Old silk path with Zuluk Township. Kanchenjungha is a well-known place from here.

Lungthung :

Lungthung or Dhupidhara is situated at a high altitude of 12,500 ft from sea level. You can also find some popular home stay at this place. This is a well-known place for viewing Monal (National bird of Nepal).

Tukla Valley:

This is a place that refers as a war memorial constructed to honour the loss of British soldiers, who martyred at the encounter of Tukla.

Gnathang valley:

Gnathang valley is a miniature village close to Indo-China border and this is located at an elevation of 12700ft. This gorge is bordered by high hills. You can see here little British graveyard, a Durga shrine and a Buddhist monastery here. 

Old Baba Mandir :

This shrine is constructed in the respect of Sepoy Harbhajan Singh and this is perfectly maintained by Indian Army (cloud warrior regiment ). On the top of this holy place you can see Harbhajan Singh’s dugout.

Kupup Lake:

Kupup Lake is locally well-known as Hati Lake and popular for its Elephant like shape. This lake is enclosed by high peaks. Apart from that Kupup Lake you will can also see Ice Hockey ground and a golf course at a height of 13020ft.

Kupup Valley:

Kupup is a diminutive gorge located at an elevation of 13900 ft. From Kupup Lhasa (Tibet) is just 520 km away. You can see a signpost written about the distance with route here from Lhasa.

Jelep La:

In Tibetan words ‘Jelep La’ means beautiful level pass. This is a peak bypass between India-China. This bypass is located at an elevation of 14300 ft. This is the end point of old silk rout from Indian side.

In Tibet side this pass takes to Chumbi valley (in Tibet). This pass is blocked after 1962 Sino-Indian war.

Menmecho Lake:

Menmecho Lake is located at a height of 12500 ft. This lake is situated 20 km from Chhangu Lake. This is a spectacular stunning lake enclosed with dense forest. This lake is popular for its Trout fish.

Tsomgo Lake :

This lake is widely popular as a Chhangu Lake. Changu Lake is only 1km long, 50 ft deep and egg-shaped. This lake was formed by the dissolved glacier.

Nathula Pass:

Nathula is an ideal access between India and China which passes remains open for Indian citizens only on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday but lately central govt. has determined to lock Nathula pass for traveller from April 2021 until further order.

Best Time to visit:

Zuluk is reachable all through the year but remember winter in Zuluk is harsh. In winter Zuluk has high snowstorm and chilly temperature.

During summer the image is completely reverse. Summer is soggy and misty here. In summer Zuluk and its nearby hills remain roofed with various type of blossoming rhododendron flowers.

These are all about Zuluk sightseeing 2021.