Everything You Should Know About Desert Camping in UAE


Being an adventurous soul, you would always look for attractive destinations to spend your weekend well. From crowded beaches to quiet woods, your journey will take various turns. Amid this amazing hunt for attractive spots, you should not overlook the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Apart from skyscrapers and beautiful parks, there is more than just what meets the eye. We are talking about desert. Does it excite you? Great! You will have great fun reading this article. Keep scrolling and know more about desert camping in UAE.

A Guide To Desert Camping in UAE:

The United Arab Emirates is a stunning stretch of sands and deserts. Despite being a technology hub and innovations that the country is known for, visitors are still keen to pop over the untouched sands. Camping in these deserts under stars will give you a priceless feeling that you can’t find somewhere else. However, to make it fun, you need to know about it. Let us walk through the essential guide.

1. The right tent:

Would you like fries without ketchup? Certainly not! The same goes for camping without a perfect tent. Choosing the right tent could be the first step towards great camping. On the contrary, wrong selection can ruin your day. You must be careful while selecting the type of tent for your desert camping.

Numerous tents are available, designed for different destinations and campers’ preferences. If you prefer overnight camping Dubai, a single-wall tent could be the best choice. However, long camping would need a double-wall tent to protect you against the sandy winds and harsh weather.

2. Compass and Map:

Have you ever watched a movie where someone is lost in the desert? You certainly don’t want that to happen to you. To avoid such mishaps, you need to take a map and navigation compass with you. Since it’s a time of digitalization, you can take your mobile phone with you for perfect navigation across the heart of the desert.

However, nothing beats the misfortune of a dead battery of a phone. As a plan B, you better pack a map and navigation compass in your bag. You can’t afford to take risks in a place where there is nothing but sand all around.

3. Firewood:

Huddle around the warmth of a bonfire to double your camping adventure. Your camping is incomplete with firewood, and that is why you should not forget it while packing. You can enjoy the soft desert breeze, sitting around the fire and recalling sweet memories with your friends and family.

Warming up in the glow of the fire and sharing smiles will give your soul moments of relief. Get your packing done, and don’t forget to take firewood with you. That is something you can’t afford to leave!

4. Cooler box:

The scorching heat of the desert goes beyond tolerance sometimes. It becomes hard to survive the day without a glass of cold water every half an hour. You will feel thirst in the first half of the day, and there could be nothing better than a glass of cold water. Only then can you quench your thirst.

Despite the nights being too cold, the days could be very hot. Do not forget the cooler box with iced water to make your day cool.

5. Water:

The biggest necessity in a desert is water, and you should take plenty with you. It’s not about drinking water only. You will need some extra water for washing dishes, rehydrating your car, or cooking.

It is necessary to take mineral water for drinking and some extra for other purposes. Whether cooking, washing dishes, or rehydrating the car, you will always need water in the middle of the desert.

6. Medical Aid Kit:

It is not guaranteed that your camping will go safer without any injuries to anyone. When we talk about going camping, numerous playing activities cross our minds. Amid these plays, members of your group could confront serious injuries, which is why you need a first aid kit in your bag.

You have heard the phrase, “better to be safe than sorry.” Although overnight desert camping spots in Dubai are relatively safer, you need to be well prepared. Take a medical kit with you to combat serious scenarios.

7. Lighting system:

On the list of essential materials, the last ones are lights and lamps. Even though some of the desert spots are well lit in the UAE, you better take your lighting system with you. If you are barbequing or hiking, a torch could be useful. Being well-lit can help you a great deal while camping in the desert.

Explore the hidden beauty of nature by overnight camping!

Nature is full of wonders. All you need to do is to take some time and look for it. Going camping is the best move to discover the hidden secrets and beauty of nature. Overnight camping is the best choice for you to see what nature holds in the store for you!