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Places to visit Kufri

Places to visit Kufri

Kufri is just situated 13 km away from Shimla and it is a popular tourist destination. This place is worth visited on the summer vacations. This is a wonderful place for trekkers who hike to the Mahasu Mountain which is the largest peak in Kufri. Travellers can also travel around the Himalayan wild life zoo are places of different kinds of rare Antelopes. Another beautiful tourist spot that truly makes Kufri a preferred destination among children is the amusement park that offers a lot of rides and stunning activities.

Details of Tourist Places to Visit in Kufri

The Himalayan Nature Park

To experience the Himalayan ecological unit, best is to visit a Himalayan Nature Park. It is also recognized as the Kufri National Park. It is scattered all over 90 hectares of land and it is a striking place of an extensive range of Himalayan animals. You can see leopards, brown bears, barking deer, hangals, and musk deer in this national park.

Visit this national park, and buy a ticket to explore exotic the fauna. In addition, you can also move towards trekking inside this park. And go up as independent trekkers, thus, you can recruit for one and go hiking. However, camping is facilitated in this national park. If you are planning to find a bit more daring, then have a perfect camping experience within the national park.

Kufri Fun World

Come to the world’s top amusement park. It is located at a height of 2800 metres higher than the sea level. As, this place provide a complete unique experience, it is an amusement park with eye-catching destination. Of course, you can also enjoy the fun rides; don’t miss out to click pictures of the snow covered peaks. The sightseeing is enthralling from the fun world.

This park has the world’s highest go-kart territory. Thus, this destination does not offer fun not only for children but even adults can also enjoy fun go-karting. This place is one of the most popular to explore in Kufri, do not miss out at all. This amusement park is unlimited fun for kids and adults. Furthermore, it is a place of canteen where you can treat in some packaged and delicious snacks. It is a full amusement and fun place to travel.

Mahasu Peak

This is the highest acme of Kufri, and you will definitely take a great travelling experience here. Also, enjoy amazing sights of the Kedarnath and Badrinath ranges of the peaks from here. You can go for horse riding or trekking to the Mahasu peak too.

Even though, you can experience well that is filled with fun and adventurous. If you are going up for trekking, there you will get an opportunity to discover the thick Deodar forests. This will make you feel indulging as adventure. Going for a horse riding is a great experience. It is a mud-covered thoroughfare and you can travel around it best with a horse ride experience.

Moreover, simply start a skiing experience in the Mahasu ridge region. It is considered that it is a perfect destination for beginners who are keen to ski. The alleyway is a little flat for skiing, this is why it is well thought-out appropriate for beginners. But pick skiing only if you visit here all through December and January

Indira Tourist Park

Visit this fantastic park that is Himalayan National Park. After travelling around the wealthy fauna and flora, you can also visit to this tourist park and spend some quality time in privacy. You can also visit here for relaxation as well.

You can also visit here for leisure rides in this park. There are horse and yak rides that you can discover. It is a great fun experience for kids and adults. Also, there are also video games parlour, ice cream parlour and a bar.


Fagu is located just 6 km away of Kufri, is Fagu. It is an ideal picnic spot in summers. But if you visit here during winters, then don’t miss out skiing. Of course, Fagu is a great travel option for skiing aficionado and it snows deeply there. Thus, if you would like to experience nature in black and white, then must go to Fagu during the snow-white months of December and January. Furthermore, skiing will also be great fun when it is snow throughout the year.

Here, the top places to visit Kurfi.


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