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Things to do in Madikeri

Things to do in Madikeri

The enormous hilly areas, the garrulous gorges and the tranquil plains of Madikeri even all in Medikari offer the visitors a lot of outdoor activities enjoy there. Madikeri is around 1,150 m high board land which approached quietly towards Kushalnagar. The region includes plenty of woodlands, lush open spaces and towering peaks, a steamy weather under whose cover cultivate a wide range of therapeutic herbs, teak, coffee, tea, wild flowers, plantain, areca nut, cardamom and ginger. The hill peaks are verdant dense areas even as the plain lands are used for agriculture.

Apart from these, Madikeri is a place of breathtaking holiday amid nature and the people- the Kodavas of Coorg. Let’s know more what you can do in Madikeri.


Tadiandamol is the peak mountain region located in Madikeri as well as this is also the third highest peaks in Karnataka. The Nalknad Palace is positioned in the foothills of this summit, which at an elevation of around 1,748 m. It is one of the central hotspots areas to travel all around the place and best trekking spot in Madikeri. There are two different courses to the height – the Nalknad Palace and the Honey valley Route. Here you can see appearing a pleasant sunny morning for the trek and you’ll come back just after sundown by walking through thriving shola forests, waterfalls and a growing mountain scene of the coffee cultivated areas in the plains.

Quad Biking

Quad Biking is one of the sought-after adrenaline hasten sport and it is very popular in Coorg. You can see many Quad Biking centres in Madikeri that can provide you an enlivening ride for you. You will truly feel wonderful, even as, sitting on both sides of the all landscape vehicle and fastening off through the coffee cultivations and changeable the rolling slopes of the hills, come with the unmarked mountain gust on your face and the likelihood of viewing wild animals such as rabbits, wild cats, and monkeys on an upward curve. So, everyone can ride a two wheeler can simply, quad bike here.

Jeep Safari

You will get a great the benefit of a prearranged safari by jeep and move around the Kodagu ranges. It’s a fantastic place to explore all the rural areas and also get to know more about the wonders of immaculate nature. Some of the destinations here you can hire for a jeep safari are Mandalpatti and Kabbe Hills in Madikeri. The striking Kabbe Hills are just located around 30 km from Madikeri and through jeep ride you can travelling around many scenic countryside, end with with miniature villages, verdant plantations and waterfalls, particularly the veiled Falls of Chelevara, one of the most stunning Falls of the Kodagu area.

Sacred Places

The native Kodavas of Kodagu are basically agriculturalists and they deem their local gods as the protectors and saviours of their lands and themselves. You can visit the Paadi Igguthappa temple in Kakkabe where Lord Karthikeya, the son of Lord Shiva is worshipped as Igguthappa – the God of rain and crops. The Igguthappa temple plays a significant role in the culture and traditions of the Kodava society. The temple has been renovated recently and its architecture, simple yet impressive, speaks volumes about the skills of the people of Kodagu. Kakkabe is about 33 km from Madikeri.

Plantation Tours

If your usual day starts with sipping a hot cup of clean filter coffee, so, you can start your journey at morning from coffee plantations in Medikeri. You can find comfortable accommodations or home stay inside a cultivated area and visit a Plantation Trip to find out how coffee beans are cultivated. And, also you can go for the harvest; you can assist in collecting the fully grown coffee berries. And even, not only the coffee plantations, also, come to the pepper and the sweet-smelling cardamom cultivation on a given trip.

Festivals Galore

Appearing with wealthy in traditions and history, the Kodavas of Coorg celebrate lots of occasions and festivities and they are above all a blessing to the gods who always defend them and offer them a plentiful and flourishing year. Chants of ‘Poli, Poli, is a type of ring in the air as the Kodavas is celebrated Huthri or Harvest festival every year in the months of November to December.

Shopping Treat

You can see plentiful fascinating things where you can purchase in Madikeri markets, products that are all fresh as well as grown nearby. You can purchase Arabica and Robusta ranges of coffee beans or powdered coffee and a multitude of spices and nuts such as cardamom, nutmeg, star anise, cashews, ginger and vanilla, figs and raisins. You can go to there and find everything in the market of Madikeri’s Friday Market and also buy, honey, Mandarin Oranges and Tea which here.

Also, buy a variety of homemade chocolates in Madikeri as well. Furthermore, shop many traditional Kokkethathi pendants, and many more.


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