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Top 6 Things to do in Mukteshwar

Top 6 Things to do in Mukteshwar

If you are planning a trip to something a very cool hill station so, you can choose a place of Mukteshwar destination. This place is amazing and renowned for its Shiv temple that is also known as a popular Mukteshwar temple. Mukteshwar is the most sought-after destination for all adventure seekers along with, this place is highly eminent for its stunning rock climbing and rappelling events. Mukteshwar is a magnificent hill station that attracts one to explore the splendour and beauty of this place. Mukteswar is situated around 51 kilometers away from Nainital, this breathtaking hill station is visited by thousands of tourists every day.

Best 6 Things to do In Mukteshwar

1. Trekking

If you have reached in Mukteshwar so, one thing you should never forget to do that is trekking, and here you can travel around all mesmerizing undulating landscape, striking trails, lush green woodlands or forests, and also you can travel around the narrow pathways that truly make your trekking the most thrilling and incredible activities you enjoy here. Even though, if you feel scared doing trekking so, the professional coaches are always available here to guide you for trekking in Mukteshwar.

2. Paragliding

Another adventure activity in Mukeshwar is Paragliding. This is a great experience of adventure tour and you will feel more exciting doing paragliding in Mukteshwar. There are lots of fun activities involved in paragliding such as kite flying, river crossing, night treks, & wildlife tracking, and many more enjoy.

3. Rock Climbing

Next amazing activity to do in Mukteshwar is Rock climbing and rappelling though these fun and dare activities are more exciting to do and if you once do the rock climbing successfully so, you want to do again and again. However, these are two adventure activities are awesome and most challenging activities that you can enjoy every time in Mukteshwar.

4. Sunrise Above Nanda Devi Peak

Must visit a Nanda Devi peak and this is one of the second highest tip of India. You can see this splendid peak from the Mukteshwar mountain height. One of the most unusual and extraordinary things you will experience in this peak that entrancing panorama is mainly emphasized here that appear in orange and golden colours of sunup or dawn. The incredible thing can be seen in Mukteshwar that sun risesrises above the Nanda Devi peak and brightens in the miniature hill-station.

5. Visit Ancient Temples

One of the greatest experiences you can ever see in the temples placed in the mountains in Mukteshwar. Mukeshwar is loaded with plenty of ancient temples and those include Shiva Temple, Rajarani Temple, and Brahmeswara Temple, and the best visit temples in Mukteshwar will surely give you a serenity at these places.

6. Shopping At Kilmora Shop

Shopping is a wonderful experience in Mukteshwar and when you come to one of popular shops in Mukteshwar that is Kilmora shop so, here you can see loads of Kumaoni knits and handicrafts. And, this shop is mainly situated in outer edge of Sita Village, here you can see abundant deigns and vibrant set of hand knitted shawls, hand knitted clothing, skincare & cosmetic products, agri produce, and other knick-knacks.

Best Time To Visit Mukteshwar

If you are excited to visit in Mukteshwar so, kindly pay attention that the best time to visit in Mukteshwar is not any particular month or season though, this place can be visited throughout the year, you want. But, during summers you can see lots of tourist attractions here and winter is best to visit to see icy snow. However, before visiting to Mukteshwar do through research and book your accommodation in advance.


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