Things to do in Mangalore


Mangaluru, or Mangalore, is one of the most popular tourist destinations. And the place is bestowed with immaculate beaches and parks; so, here’s what you have to do or see when you visit in Mangalore.

Kadri Hill Park

Kadri Hill Park is one of the biggest parks in the city situated in Mangalore, and here you can enjoy with families and spend incredible time throughout weekends. The place is adjoining to it is an animal reserves which comes under the government’s division of horticulture, where can be found plentiful types of reptiles, rare birds, anteaters, spotted deer, sambar, and several different types of animal species.

Sultan’s Battery

It is built in 1784; Sultan’s Battery is an ultimate remainder of the brutal and grandiose Tipu Sultan. The place was constructed by using black stones to hinder warships from getting into the river, a main direction for the English throughout their foray. It provides a great impression of being a small stronghold and set-up mortars in surrounding. Also, see an underground storage space area to store fine particles. These days, it covers with deserted appearances but if you go up to the peak, a scenic view of the Arabian Sea looks forward to along with the verdant foliage all over the fortress.

St. Aloysius College Chapel

This Chapel is situated in the heart of the town is the picturesque St. Aloysius Chapel, a division of St. Aloysius College. It was constructed by Jesuit missionaries in 1880 and tinted by the Italian Jesuit Antonio Mocsheni in 1899. You can visit a dramatic wall painting on its walls and upper limits which show the lives of saints and the life and demise of Jesus Christ. An artistic extravagance for art lovers and a magnificent destination in Mangalore not only for its sculpture but the quiet feel as it offers gives to anyone who comes to this place. 

Surfing Ashram

This Hare Krishna ashram situated around 30km north of Mangalore and a fantastic holiday retreat. The ashram splits as surf lessons and also assists its visitors to do yoga and lead a very easygoing life. However, it’s a tranquil destination to relax from city life. Lodges might be a little expensive, and worth visiting. The surfing throughout year, but the best to visit here from June and September to October.

Mangaladevi Temple

The city of Mangalore gets its tag Mangaladevi temple. Located around 3 kilometres from the city centre in the part of Bolar, the Mangaladevi shrine is worshipped to the goddess Parvati. This is a revered temple; it is considered maidens who visit and do pray to get a trusted and loving husband. In the celebration of Dussehra, impressive and highly structured pujas are held at this place.


Gajalee is the place to worth visit always in Mangalore. It is listed in the top 100 restaurants in India. The place is situated upon a peak with stunning environment; get a great charm and appeal of old British bungalow and visit here it’s extraordinary views of the city.

Light House Hill Garden

Light house is located in the heart of Mangalore city, this lighthouse also called as Tagore Park was developed in the 18th century by the ruler Haider Ali. When the British rule in India, the lighthouse was used by officers in the British army to tack external ships. These days, it’s a gorgeous garden visited by people every day. The foundation of the lighthouse adds a public library and having a reading room that was named after the Karnad Sadashiv Rao, who was a freedom fighter.

Pilikula Nisarga Dhama

Pilikula Nisarga Dhama is one of the top-notch eco-education and tourism development project in Mangalore. The place is scattered more than 350 acres of land; the park is a perfect destination for nature lovers. The park is loaded with a botanical garden, golf course, science centre, small aquarium and a lake with boating services available. Spot the open zoo and watch wild animals such as tigers, cats and king cobras and rare wild.